Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sal and The Moochers!

Okay, Cousins Country--that's a terrific picture, no??!

Nancy Taylor Wright sent it to me. It is a picture of her grandson, Salvatore Fiorello DeLuca (Cynthia's son) no doubt entertaining 'friends'.

What caption should we use?

' Leave some for us'.
'Can't we share?'

I'll bet you punsters out there can do better than I can. So, let's hear from you!

Happy Cold and Sunny Sunday,


CB/Mom said...

Punsters never!! That is a bone Fide TEA Party! Little gorls are nothe only ones to have them!

Sue Kinsella said...

"Doggone it, we've waited patiently enough!"

Tom K said...

"Hey," said the little guy, "we shared yesterday!"

"Yeah," said the big guy, "how did we know you didn't like bones?"