Friday, January 27, 2012

Evelyn Taylor Turns Ninety!

This picture was taken in Evelyn's hotel room soon after arriving. Photo collage is from New Zealand family. Roses and chocolate- covered strawberries were from Mitch and Rhonda.

Pam, Lance, Amanda, Evelyn and friend, Charlie at Christmas time

Evelyn June Laufer Taylor, wife of Bryant Taylor (son of Floyd— you just read about his home appendectomy) turned ninety earlier this month. Bryant and Eve have three children—Lance, Mitchell and Pamela.

Eve writes:

I had my 90th birthday bash this past week. It was wonderful-- small luncheon at the Homestead (Lance and Amanda's 1832 home here in Le Roy) orchestrated by Pam. Then on Friday, Pam and I, Lance and Amanda went to Niagara Falls, US to stay overnight at the Seneca Casino.

Here, I was surprised to have my granddaughter, Shiloh Taylor, (Mitch's daughter who lives in Toronto) join us. We had a super dinner at the Red Coach Inn and then gambled for only an hour----the machines now do not take coins, but eat your five dollar bills---FAST! Lance won 14 cents, but I won $20.25 (came out $10 ahead).

Saturday, we braved the elements and viewed the Falls after returning to the Red Coach Inn for a wonderful breakfast next to a roaring fire. The finale to our stay was a concert at the Casino. Two people, impersonating Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand, sang and interacted with the audience for an hour and a half. Of course, Sinatra's music began when I was in college. I remember hearing, and shaking my head, at the silliness of these young kids, called Bobby Soxers, who were screaming and swooning when Frankie sang. He started it all!!!! Some of his songs Saturday brought tears to my eyes (and to others, I later heard).

It was all wonderful!

Eve, Congratulations on this milestone birthday--you look beautiful AND young!


CB said...

Eve, dear, We are so lucky to have you! IF only we lived next door! As it is, whenever we get together our mouths outrun the clock! WE have had GOOD years together!

Sue Kinsella said...

Eve, thanks for being an inspiration for those of us who are getting older and wondering what the future might look like!

CB/Lucille said...

I must leave another note! For those who do not know Eve,or Bryant, I must tell you that they met on a blind date! She was in college here in Rochester. He was in college in Albany! His hometown buddy [ from LeRoy] dated a girl in college with Eve and wanted him to date her roomate[ EVE]Bryant accepted only because he could get a FREE ride home.
Imagine how his eyes popped when he saw EVE!! And best of all He danced!!! They made a grand pair!!