Sunday, September 25, 2011

A New Baby, By Uncle Jack and Pat K. Herdeg

This story is from earlier this summer, but thought you all would enjoy it:

I think more than a few of my siblings were surprised as we noticed this email subject land in our computer in-boxes: ‘Surprise: New Baby at 28 English Station Rd.’

Hmmmm. NOW what are Mom and Dad up to?

Dad explains:

Your Ma and I were doing something in the backyard yesterday and it was the day the corporation was cutting the grass. Two of the young grass cutters were looking at the bushes behind our garage so I asked them what they were looking for. They said there was a baby fawn there. Finally we were able to see it but just barely.

Later when they left and things quieted down, the fawn stood up and your Ma called me to take a picture of it.

Your Ma talked to a backdoor neighbor who said the day before she noticed a deer--regular size (no doubt the mother) wandering about in our backyard; earlier, she saw a baby fawn in her yard nursing from a mother deer. Then she said, "The mother deer is still there, in your bushes, I can see her."

We looked and in the bushes near the tree the grandkids love to climb there was no doubt the mother. This is about 40 feet from the bushes where the fawn was.

Later in the evening, we went to a concert at school that Maddy was playing in and of course we told them about it. When we got back they all wanted to see the fawn. By that time the fawn and the mother had disappeared.

Exciting lives we live!




Sue Kinsella said...

Oh, come on, there has to be a comment on this story! So here it is!

Pat said...

Thank you, Big Sis.

Love you back,

Jack's wife said...

still another comment-- There goes Uncle Jack still trying to astonish with another "kid!!!"

Judy said...

It was a great story and a wonderful cute!
Thanks for sharing