Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Birthdays 2011—Part One, by Pat Kinsella Herdeg

October is a great month to get outdoors and walk in the woods—the colors, the smells, the animals rustling around to get ready for winter. AND, it is a terrific month for birthdays. We have a large amount of the ‘Older Generation’ with October Birthdays, so they will get their own separate post later in the month. For now, here are the Birthday Kids:

In Aunt Doris’ family, Cynthia Hawkes Gabrys , Eowyn Brionna Colley (daughter of Kristyne Colley, granddaughter of Charles Hawkes), Stephanee Hawkes ( Steve’s daughter), Sean Towlson (married to Cindy Hawkes’ daughter, Heather), and Cameron Charles Towlson ( Cindy Hawkes’s grandson) all have birthdays this month.

Sean and Morgan
In Aunt Sylva’s family, Linda Kathleen Emhof Arnold ( Sylva’s daughter) is the birthday kid.

In Aunt Esther’s family, Sara Elizabeth Lochner ( Rick’s daughter) blows out candles.

Rick, Sara, Laurie

In Aunt CB’s family, my Pops-- John Joseph Kinsella and my oldest son-- Brian Christopher Herdeg –have October Birthdays.
 Uncle Jack
Brian and Gina

 In Uncle Arnon’s family, Stephen Baker Wright (son of Nancy Taylor Wright), Coreen Elizabeth Taylor ( Jim Taylor’s daughter),  and Curtis Taylor (son of Bob Taylor) are the Birthday Kids.
In Aunt Ruth’s family, Paul James Maney (Michael’s son), and Richard Alan Maney enjoy October Birthdays.


In Aunt Gladys’ family, Kenneth C. Barron ( husband of Kathryn Wood) has a birthday.

In Floyd Taylor’s family, Mitch Taylor (son of Bryant and Eveyln Taylor) also has a birthday this month.

Congratulations to all!!

Watch for October for Older Generations: Emma Jane Carson, Byron H. Baker, Cordelia Waller, Leon Carson Taylor, William Youngs, and Nancy Borthwick Baker following later this month.

Pam and Mitch

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