Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visiting in on the East Coast, by Sue Kinsella

Uncle Harold

Uncle Harold, Uncle Jack, Aunt CB

While visiting my Mom and Dad ("Aunt CB and Uncle Jack") at the beginning of July, we stopped in to visit Uncle Harold and took him out to lunch. Gordie Mills, Kathy's husband, arrived in his truck to drive Uncle Harold to the restaurant in style. Kathy joined us there, along with Annie and her granddaughter, Olivia, whom Harold calls "Olive Oyl." I thought Uncle Harold looked grand and we all had a great time together.


Mom, Kathy, Gordie

Uncle Harold and Dad


I am adding in some pictures of Mom and Dad from when they were in Massachusetts at their grandson Brian’s wedding, as we can never have too many pictures of our ‘family elders’. And, since we got to see Uncle Harold and his great grand-daughter, Olivia, I also wanted to showcase this picture of Mom and her great grand-daughter, Leah.

Hope everyone has a terrific summer, filled with great family get-togethers, laughter, and good weather!

Mom and Leah

WHAT are those Red Sox doing now?!--Aunt CB and Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack, Aunt CB, Julie, Sue, Pat,Glenn


Pat said...


Thanks for these pictures! So good to see the Waterloo Taylors.

Keep COOL everyone!


Sue Kinsella said...

BTW, when we stopped in to see Uncle Harold, I was thinking about the House story that his girls wrote together (see Cousins Blog story on June 23). I had added a comment to that one about the "mysterious" little front room, so this time I decided to check that out again. (Hope that was okay, Uncle Harold!)

My goodness, it was even smaller than I remember it, just about big enough for a double bed and that's it! But it had such wonderful pictures of Harold up on the wall - when he was a boy, and an early one with Aunt Barb. (Hmm, don't remember if he had hair in that one!) It was still a mysterious room but now with such treasures!