Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brunch Pictures after June Wedding By Pat Kinsella Herdeg


I thought I would put in a few more pictures of the Kinsellas as we gathered together for my son Brian's wedding.

The day after the wedding, as people prepared to drive home, they stopped in at our house for a bit of food and conversation.


Sue Kinsella said...

Happy Birthday, Grandma Taylor!

It looks like I might have put this up a day late, but I've been thinking about her all week. According to Pat's dates on the main page, July 30 would have been Grandma's 124th birthday. I can't believe that! It seems that it was not that long ago that she was here with us.

At Pat's son Brian's wedding, there were "meetings" of several family "clubs" - The Kate Club, consisting of Mom (Lucille Kate) and all the other girls in the family with Kate as a middle name; the Ann Club, for those with Ann as their middle name; and my brother Tim started the Tim Club by grabbing Kristin's husband Tim and hugging him.

But how can I have a meeting of the Ethel Club? There's just me - Susan Ethel - and Grandma - Nancy Ethel Baker Taylor. Well, I think that just thinking about her counts as a meeting of the Ethel Club. And once, years ago, I had such a sweet experience when I suddenly heard her voice behind me, telling me something. And following it up with her signature, "Don'tcha know!"

Happy Birthday, Grandma - we love and miss you - don'tcha know!

Pat said...


Wonderful comment.

I searched my pictures to see if I could come up with the 'Ethel' Club, but to no avail.

And, a quick search on 'Ethel' in our genealogy tells me that if we could go back in time, the 'Ethel' Club would be Grandma, Aunt Doris, and you--now THAT would be some club!! Think of the nicknames Aunt Dot would come up with!

Yes, it CANNOT be that long ago that Grandma was with us--we DO miss you Nancy Ethel, and love you so much--

Love to all, Ethels or not,

Sue Kinsella said...

Oh, I never knew that Aunt Doris's middle name was Ethel! How I wish we could have all celebrated that when Grandma and Aunt Dot were here. Well, now, instead, we'll have a "meeting of the minds"!

CB said...

Yes, Ethel is missed! There are Doris and Sue and Mom and I can hear them now! Mom would have loved it and had some comments and Aunt Doris, well if you knew her you can imagine her reply! I hope she has by now gotten Philly to tell her the end to "Little Miss Bliss"!