Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Birthdays, By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Jeff, Carol, Abby and Jonah, Christmas 2010

Mary Lou

We’ll start with Uncle Harold’s family-- his daughter MaryLou Taylor Spear , and Jeffrey Aaron Hauf ( Kathy Taylor’s son) both celebrate birthdays this month. Jeff, on the Ides of July, turns a Magnificent 40—Congratulations!!


Carol Ann

In Uncle Arnon’s family, Jack Lloyd Taylor ( Arnon’s son) , and Carol Ann Taylor ( Arnon’s daughter) have birthdays this month. Bob Taylor’s children-- Robert "Robbie" Henry Taylor, Barbara Ann Taylor, and Jennifer Taylor all blow out candles in July. Alice Nellie Stitt (Arnon’s first wife), and Jillian Lockwood Wright (Stephen's daughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) are July Birthday Kids.
Robbie and Barb

Dan Maffei

Neil Maffei

In Aunt Leona’s family, Neil Carmen Maffei ( Leona’s husband), and Neil's grandson--Daniel Maffei ( Neil Maffei’s son) are July Birthday Kids.

Lester Wood ( Gladys’ husband) , Chick Wood ( Gladys’ son), and Neal Robert Osterhout (husband of Wendy Wood) all are the Birthday Partiers of the month in Aunt Gladys’ family.

Neal Osterhout

In Aunt Sylva’s family, her grand-daughter Cookie Jenkins (daughter of Christine) celebrates.

Helen Nase McPeek ( Phyllis’ daughter) is also a Birthday Kid.

Kristin Kinsella Walker


Jill and Jen Kinsella

In Aunt CB’s family, Kristin Kinsella Walker ( Tim’s daughter) , Jeanette Dalle Kinsella ( Chris’ wife), Patrick James Kinsella ( Chris’ son), Alison Kate Herdeg ( Pat’s daughter), and Jill Miller Kinsella ( Jim’s wife) all celebrate birthdays this month.

Alison Herdeg

Barry Ronald Taylor ( son of Rex, son of Floyd) has a July Birthday.

In Aunt Ruth’s family, her husband--Thomas Francis Maney --and her son, Daniel Thomas Maney are July Birthdays.

Grandma Taylor
And, last but by no means least, Nancy Ethel Baker Taylor is a July Birthday Girl—Happy Birthday, Grandma Taylor!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to One and All!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad ! I hope yo and Josh had a wonderful timecelebrating your bithdays together ! We know you where watching when Little Emma and I bought a birthday cake for you and sang happy birthay ... Emma blew out your candles ! We love you Papa and tell Daddy we love him !