Monday, June 27, 2011

Prayers for Josh Hart-Wood

Josh and Emma

Josh and Adin

We recently posted here on the cousins blog that Josh Hart-Wood--son of Chic Wood-- and Brandy Kapp welcomed little Adin into the world. His big sister Emma is already helping out with things.

Brandy posted yesterday on facebook that Josh was in a motorcycle accident and was in surgical ICU. She was on her way down to the hospital.

Late last night, she added:

Josh is still in a coma and they are trying to ween him off the sedation to wake him up. He has two fractures to the skull, facial fractures, collar bone fracture, bleeding on the brain, broken and fracture ribs. They are keeping him on the life support currently to help him breathe with all the chest pain. His vitals are looking great and we are just praying he wakes up tomorrow to slowly take him off the breathing tube! It will be a long road to recovery but I am going to be holding his hand each step of the way.Please keep him in your prayers. The kids are at home safe and sound with great family and friends. Please pray for them as well since Mommy isn't there to be with them. And many thankyous, hugs and kisses once again.

We here at the cousin's blog will try to keep you updated, but please do add Josh to your list of prayers!


Pat said...


So sorry to hear about Josh!

But, I echo what others are saying on facebook--from what you write of him, he is so strong a person, that I can only pray that healing comes quickly to him.

Love you,

Sue Kinsella said...

So sorry to hear about this accident! Hoping that Josh recovers quickly and can get home to be with his family soon.

Aunt CB said...

Dear Brandy, Josh is on my prayer list!! and you too!

Kathryn said...

I just want everyone to know that Josh died on July 1, 2011, at around 11:30 PM.
Thanks for all the prayers.
I know that Brandy needs your prayers now as much as she needed them during the past week.

Pat said...

Thank you, Kathryn.

Love and prayers to all of Aunt Gladys' family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for the prayers !! This is the hardest thing to go through ... I have to honestly say Josh not only had a heart of GOLD but a strong heart ! Josh was taken off the breathing tube @ 4 pm Friday July 1st.,2011 and I sat by his side hand in hand and never left for six hours because his heart was so strong ! I let Josh go to heaven that not ... I may sound selfish because I didn t want to let him go ! But, now he's in heaven watching down on our children and me !! I wish I would have gotten 50 years together but that s okay because he'll always be in my heart ! Josh, is in a happy place, pain free with so many family and friends !And most of all he's able to hug his dad again ! Now my children and I have two Angels wathcing over us ! - Brandy and Hart-Wood Children

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add ... Josh was an Organ Donor and there is a person out there that s going to get a very strong heart !! - Brandy

Pat said...


Thanks so much for the comments and updates.

Great to hear about Josh's heart being donated.

Love to you all,