Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Events on the Cousins Blog

Paul Kinsella, son of Tim Kinsella, ran his second marathon on Sunday, June 5th. He ran in the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon and finished with the terrific time of 3:37, taking 20 minutes off of his first marathon time. What a terrific accomplishment! Way to go, Paul.

Paul and Angela Kinsella

Chuck Lochner reports that he just completed a major renovation on an apartment –a two year project—and even in this economy, managed to rent it at premium price. Great job, Chuck!

Patrick Kinsella, son of Chris Kinsella, recently had his First Communion at St. Rose of Lima in North Syracuse.

Patrick Kinsella

We have four graduations to proudly trumpet:

Joe Kinsella
Joe Kinsella, son of Chris Kinsella, graduated June 15th from Kindergarten Prep.

Alex and Sue Kinsella

Alex Kinsella, son of Sue Kinsella, graduated from The Bay School of San Francisco on Friday, June 10th, and heads off to Stanford this fall.

Ted, Brian and Judy Lochner
Brian Lochner, son of Ted Lochner, graduated from David Prouty High School in Spencer, MA.

Ali ( on the right) with two friends
Ali Herdeg, daughter of Pat Kinsella Herdeg, graduated from Dartmouth College on Sunday, June 12th and will begin work at Rand Corporation in Washington, DC later this summer.

Congratulations of ALL of our June Event Makers!!

We are so proud of you all.


Pat said...

Alison Kate,

So proud of you!! What an achievement.

We have so enjoyed these last four years with you at Dartmouth--getting to know your friends and watch what adventures you have embarked on.

Can't wait for the next four!


Ma aka Pat

Kathryn said...

You probably were not told, but my niece, Alicia Osterhout, (Wendy's oldest daughter)graduated from High School. I found out on facebook.

On the non-event side, today (June 23) my oldest grandson, Gavyn, turned 13! What a contrast to Sue! Her son just graduated from High School! I get a kick out of that. I cannot imagine having a child that young, and Sue probably cannot imagine having kids as old as mine. And she and I are the same age! I love my cousins!!

Is your really big event this weekend? Take it easy and enjoy it all. You are going to be a wonderful mother of the groom!

I love you lots!!

Pat said...

Kathyrn, Yes, I saw that you are the grandmother of a teenager!

And, thanks for telling us all about Alicia--I missed that on facebook.

Yes, the big event is in two days, and of course, NOW it rains--I had been holding off on the grass mowing--but time to clean the house at least!

Can't wait to see everyone!


Susan Kinsella said...

Kathryn, I just saw your Facebook comment tonight about becoming the grandmother of a teenager. You're right, as the mother of a teenager, I'm having trouble getting my head wrapped around your being the GRANDmother of a teenager. But congratulations to both of you! I am loving the teenager years - but then, I have loved ALL the years of raising a kid. I keep wishing we could go into parallel universes and go back to enjoy them all over again. Love to you, Sue