Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Birthdays, By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

June—a month of sunshine, flowers and weddings (my son Brian’s wedding is later this month). And, a month of Terrific Birthday Kids!

Three generations of Woods celebrate the month of June--Kathryn Wood Barron ( daughter of Gladys) , Kathryn’s daughter-- Kayte Barron Langstaff, and Kayte’s son --Gavyn Langstaff.

Kayte, Gavyn and Spice

Also, Jennifer Ann Wood (daughter of William and Jessica Wood, grand-daughter of Nancy, great grand daughter of Chic Wood and so, Great Great Grand daughter of Gladys Wood) will be one year old at the end of June. Aunt Gladys must have loved this month of birthdays for her clan!

Jennifer, from last July

Elsewhere on the Baker side, Carol Ann Arnold ( daughter of Linda, daughter of Sylva)is a celebrating her birthday this month, as well as David Wendell Henderson ( Wendell and Joyce’s son). David Henderson

Heading up the ‘ancestors group’, Bryant Waller (B.W.) Taylor, Jane Livingston-- mother of Emma Jane Carson, and Adin L. Baker all were born in this month.

On the Taylor side, Jonathan Taylor (son of Barry and Cathy Taylor), and Charles C Doran (son of Florence Taylor Doran) celebrate birthdays.

In Uncle Harold’s family, Thomas Baley Jr. (Yvonne Baley’s husband—she is grand-daughter of Uncle Harold), and Daniel Taylor Spear ( Mary Lou’s son) blow out candles.

Yvonne and Tom

In Arnon Taylor’s family, James Lee Taylor ( Arnon’s son) , Jim’s daughter--Erin Louise Taylor, Diana Maria McCarty ( Arnon’s daughter), and Michelina Paige Letourneau (Cynthia's daughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) all have June Birthdays.

Jim and Bob Taylor, 1984

Diana and Aunt Maria


Doris Hawke’s family has Janis Harvey Hawkes ( Mickey’s wife) as the Birthday Girl.

Ruth Maney’s family celebrates with Jonathan Paul Maney , and Karen Kalke Maney (Dan’s wife).

John and Jill Maney

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to all!


Sue Kinsella said...

Thanks, Pat, for putting up these birthday notices each month. It helps me feel more connected to our far-flung family.

Kathryn said...

Wow! I looked on here and one of the first things I saw was. . . . me?! Scarey!! Sorry!!
Pat, I love this blogsite you keep up so well. I does help us all feel more connected. I really appreciate all of your work on it.
Thru this site, I just realized that my niece Nance's granddaughter was born on my daughter's birthday. Originally, I named Kayte, Jennifer. And now she shares a birthday with Jennifer Wood. My Mom would have loved it!
Enjoy the preparations for that wedding!!
I love you lots!!

Pat said...

Thanks to you both--I enjoy it!