Monday, January 11, 2010

More on Aunt Sylva, With Pictures by Chuck Lochner

Chuck sent these pictures out to most of our cousins today--THANK YOU Chuck, for doing all of this.

We who could not make it to the calling hours or the funeral, truly appreciate it.

Look for more about Sylva's interesting life here on the blog, around when her birthday comes up----HINT: Look to the right in January Birthdays!


Pat said...

Thanks again Chuck, for these great pictures.

I LOVE the picture second from the bottom--I guess it must be a young Sylva--but so wonderful a picture--sweet.


Kathryn said...

As one who could not make it to the funeral or calling hours, (I live in Ohio) I really appreciate the pictures that Chuck sent. Since I have a dial up internet service, it took forever to download. But, it was worth it. Thank you Chuck!!!
My heart goes out to my Aunt Leona right now. This has to be heartbreaking for her.