Monday, January 4, 2010

January Birthdays, Part Two:

In Aunt Doris’ Family, Stephen Francis Hawkes and Mary Ann Cannon Hawkes (Charlie's wife) are the birthday kids.

Bryant C. Taylor--son of Floyd Taylor--and his wife, Evelyn Taylor, share birthdays eight days apart ( Happy 88th Birthday, Eve!).

In Aunt Lil’s family, her husband-- Elmer Howland, and her daughter, Sylva Joyce Howland Emhof celebrate January, as does Sylva's great grandson, Adoniram Donald Emhof, son of Jeffrey and Donalu Emhof, grandson of Freddy D and Linda.

Picture One: Steve Hawkes
Picture Two: Mary Hawkes (make sure you check out her grandson Jonathan’s picture in December birthdays—both are motorcycle kids…!)
Picture Three: Bryant and Evie Taylor
Picture Four: Elmer and Aunt Lil in front of their store
Picture Five: Sylva, 1976

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