Monday, January 4, 2010

January Birthdays—2010 By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Happy New Year to All!

We’ll start with Aunt Ruth—Both of them celebrate birthdays this month, but Ruth Taylor Maney found her way into a local Center Lisle newspaper report back in 1918, alongside then important information of how thick the January ice was:

“Mr. and Mrs. Byron Baker received word recently of a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Taylor of Bascom. Mr. and Mrs. Baker are both wearing proud smiles as this is their first grandchild….The farmers here are putting in a supply of ice for summer use. The ice is about twenty-four inches thick.”

Also in Ruth’s family, Michael James Maney has a birthday this month.

As I said at the top, the beautiful Aunt Ruth Inez Baker (sister of Ethel, Adin and Lil), who, like me, carried a less than whole heart through her shortened life, is also a birthday girl this month.

In Aunt CB’s family, James Matthew Kinsella, and Liz Lehmann (Dan’s wife) are celebrating birthdays.

Picture One: Ruth Maney
Picture Two: Ruth Baker, May 1st, 1904, perhaps the last picture before her death in December of that year.
Picture Three: Mike Maney
Picure Four: Jim Kinsella busy explaining how the Revolutionary Battle at Saratoga REALLY happened.
Picture Five: Liz Lehmann


Susan Kinsella said...

Wow, I've never seen that picture of Ruth Baker. She looks so much older in it than I've thought of her as. I think she was just about to turn 14 when she died - but she looks much older than 13 to me in this picture. Great to see it, and to see her in a picture that looks like she's just "in town" as a regular person. Sure wish we could reach back to her more easily and know more about her life.

Pat said...


I knew you would like this photograph of Aunt Ruth, as I also had never seen it, and thought it was fantastic.

We've grown up with the pencil drawing made of her by the itinerant artist, showing a much younger Ruth.

And, click on the picture and look more closely--the sidewalk she is standing on is made of wooden planks. Short of ocean side towns, I did not think any place did that, but my googling shows that while concrete sidewalks were already around in several places, several places in the US also tended towards these wooden sidewalks.

Yes, great picture of our girl.