Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Birthdays, Part Three:

In the Leona Maffei family we have her husband, Neil Carmen Maffei, and
Daniel Maffei (Neil Maffei Jr.’s son) as birthday boys.

In Gladys Wood’s family, we have three July birthdays--Gladys’ husband, Lester H. Wood and their son, Lester Wood Jr., and Neal Robert Osterhout, husband of Wendy Wood.

In Sylva’s family, Cookie Jenkins (daughter of Christine, daughter of Sylva) is a July baby, as well as in Phyllis’ family, Helen Nase McPeek (Phyllis’ daughter).

Picture One: Neil and Leona, 1977
Picture Two: Dan Maffei
Picture Three: Norris Arnold and Lester Wood, 1975
Picture Four: Les, 2005
Picture Five: Neal Osterhout

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Diana said...

Oops - Dan totally missed that it was your Birthday this month

Hope you had a happy day!