Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Birthdays, 2009

Well, the Fourth is almost here, and we have yet to see much of any sun here in the NorthEast, but plenty of rain!

Elsewhere in history, other than the TaylorBaker Cousins, on July First—

--In 1863, The Battle of Gettysburg begins
-- In 1867, The British North America Act creates the Canadian Confederation. July First is now Canada Day
--In 1963, Zip Codes are introduced for the US Mail
--In 1997, Hong Kong is returned to China

Our Birthday Girl of the month is Nancy Ethel Baker Taylor.

In the Arnon Taylor family, we’ll begin with Alice Nellie Stitt (Arnon’s first wife).
Happy Birthday also to Jack Lloyd Taylor (Arnon’s son) and Carol Ann Taylor
(Arnon’s daughter).

Picture One: Ethel Baker Taylor
Picture Two: Alice Stitt Taylor
Picture Three: Jack Taylor
Picture Four: Carol Ann Taylor, with two week old Portuguese Podengo Grande puppies - the first litter born in the US


Pat said...

Happy Birthday, CarolAnn!!

Tell us more about these puppies--why are they the first litter born in the US?


Diana said...

Oops I think that was a hint for me! They are my litter. As some of you may or may not know I raise and show dogs - I am also an AKC dog show judge. I got interested in the Portuguese Podengo because my mother is from Portugal.

After a lot of research and lots of conversation with the Portuguese - in Feb of 2008 I brought in Hanna the first of her size - Grande into the US. Then in October along came Buster.

So these puppies that Carol enjoys - and obviously they enjoy her visits - were born on May 30th. The first registered Portuguese Podengo Grande Smooth litter in the US.

The Podengo is a foundation stock service breed with the AKC and is able to compete in Obedience and Lure coursing events but not yet the dog show stuff that you see on TV. We're working on that.

I will be traveling to Houston TX next week for our Specialty Show - so any T/B counsins down there or on the way - let me know - love to stop for a fast picture for the Blog!

more podengo info

Diana said...

Love that Go-cart picture!