Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aunt CB Writes about Ethel Baker Taylor : Happy 122nd Birthday, Mom!

Ethel was a ‘listener’ and full of good common sense. People always came to her to air their troubles. I remember many summer nights hearing the low murmur of their voices as they poured out their problems to her, sitting on our side porch in Geneva.

The church women’s association wanted her to be President, but we did not have a phone. They paid the monthly bill for one to be installed so that she could be President (first phone number—3017).

You can tell from her diaries how much she visited neighbors, friends, etc. Aunt Mary, wife of Orrin Taylor, Lloyd’s uncle, loved her dearly! As she grew older and had to spend the winter months in Schenectady where her only living child was (Laurens Taylor), she wrote Ethel that she just lived for her letters full of Geneva news.

And her friends, nieces, etc, all mention how wonderful her letters were. She always wrote on typing paper and of very everyday things. She’d write about the backyard crocus peeping through the snow and you could see them!

Picture One: Ethel and Adin, 1890
Picture Two: Ethel, 1959
Picture Three: Ethel, 1960
Picture Four: Ethel and Lloyd, 1915


Pat says: Grandma,

I miss you and wish that I had more time with you! The stories that you could tell and NOW, I would actually listen, and perhaps, remember…
Love ya,

Kathryn says:

I was in Navy bootcamp from May to August in 1970. We all looked forward to mailcall there! One of the letters I received was from Aunt Ethel. She wrote about what was going on in her life and what was going on in the family. It was probably one of her last letters. Later, I was told in a letter that she died.

My big brother Chic (Les), shared a birthday with her, and it was special for him.

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