Thursday, April 16, 2009

‘It Happened to Me’ and Welcome Bo, to the White House

I have been saving this story of the loyal dog for a while now. With Beth’s Alaska writings remembering Outdoor Life’s ‘It Happened to Me’ stories, and with the new young pup at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I thought it might be time. NOT that this dog was saving outdoorsmen from the wild claws of a bear or the teeth of a mountain lion, but impressive, all the same. You be the judge!

Many of you know that the Kinsellas have a summer place in Ontario, Canada that we have gone to for almost fifty years now (okay, THAT feels strange to write!).

Here’s a story from a few years ago, but I still love it—the loyalty of a dog!

As my brother Chris writes:

Jen wanted to try the new kayak by herself so I said sure and went on a walk with Bridget, Patrick, and Joe in the backpack. Pickles I held on a leash. We crossed Tom’s bridge at the new cottage by the swamp and meant to progress up the hill to the Men’s Weekend Memorial Trail. However, crossing the path and heading for the water was the biggest snapping turtle I had ever seen. Its shell was as big as a garbage can lid. We watched it proceed to the water and get stuck trying to slip between two logs into the water. I of course had to poke it with a pig stick and it finally made it into the water. I then decided to proceed up the hill with the kids in tow.

Pickles however, had other plans. Suddenly, he went beserk, pulling wildly at the leash. I fell backward on my butt from the shock with Joe in the backback-- luckily, he was unhurt.

Out of the corner of my eye, something lunged at Pickles. A second turtle, as big as the first, was there on the land, trying to follow its mate into the lake. Pickles held his ground between us and the turtle, barking and leaping into the air like a madman, oops, a mad-dog. With Joe on my back, I could only watch events unfold, hoping that Bridget and Pat would not step into the fray. Pickles seemed to sense this and continued to dance between us. Finally, the turtle lumbered into the water and disappeared into the bay.

Pickles, a failed product of more than one doggie obedience class, and it must be said, simpleminded ( or so we thought) has his detractors within the extended family; this day, he more than made up for his previous antics!

Picture One: Pickles, the Wonder Dog!
Picture Two: Looking toward the ‘Men’s Weekend Memorial Trail’
Picture Three: Looking down the bay
Picture Four: Turtle Perfect Water


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear that story, I love it more! BTY, Chris gave me a Christmas present of a "Sports Camera" that we tie to a tree right where this famous battle took place. If something moves near it it takes a picture. We have had pictures of deer (lots of them), racoons and foxes but no turtles as yet!

CB said...

Blessed Pickles!! Yes she chases cars and sleeps on chairs , especially after she has gone into the lake to cool off!! But she is SOOO eager to be loved!! This time she DONE GOOD!

Diana said...

Great story!