Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Birthdays, Part Two!

The Bakers have:

Gladys Howland Wood and her son, Michael F. Wood, and Gladys’ great grandson- Kathryn Wood Barron’s grandson-Aedyn Langstaff.

Since we just celebrated Phyllis’ birthday, her April family birthdays include two of her daughters, Rhoda Lynn Coleman and Sheila Ann Coleman—known as Annie, and Bernard C. Walker (Dawn Coleman’s husband).

Leona’s son, Neil Carmen Maffei, Jr. is an April birthday baby.

Picture One: Aedyn Langstaff
Picture Two: Michael and Chris Wood
Picture Three: Aunt Gladys
Picture Four: Bernie, Annie, Ed
Picture Five: Rhoda


Diana said...

Aedyn that is one handsome hat - does wearing jaunty hats go with the Baker men or the Taylor men?

Kathryn said...

Well, seeing how Aedyn does not have a drop of Taylor Blood, I guess it must be Baker. He was dressed up for Church when his Mom took that picture. I cannot wait to see how he looks on Easter Sunday! Granted, I am a bit prejudiced, but I think he looks great! He likes dressing up.