Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Birthdays, Part Four!

For the Arnon Taylor kids, Michael Anthony McCarty (Diana’s son) is April born, as is Graham Alan Wright (Donnie’s son, grandson of Nancy) and, Gabrielle Michelle Letourneau (Cynthia's daughter, 1st grandchild of Nancy Taylor Wright).

Picture One: Michael McCarty
Picture Two: Gabby
Picture Three: Graham


Diana said...

Ha Ha Nancy's a grandma!!! cute little shrimps Nance! Bet you really enjoy them.

Diana said...

No posting about my son Mike would be complete without his comments and memories about spending 6 weeks with Grandpa and Grandma Taylor in Warners, NY.

He took pictures of the basement - for those of you who never got to experience the basement of wonders - where you could find bee stuff, wine making stuff, player piano rolls, old pianos - parts of a pipe organ, musical instruments, tools, 200 year old candy, plants, etc etc etc - you must understand it was wall to wall and floor to ceiling - with small and ever decreasing paths.

Mike took a pictures of it - and the neighborhood kiddos were struck in awe and the shere volume of the 'stuff and treasures'. Imagine my dads suprise when on a visit Mike brought out those old basement pictures - he never knew Mike had taken them!

Pat said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful sight--a true treasure trove, for young kids in particular.

We are trying to decide what to do with a new treadmill that does not fit just where we would like. Do we move it and all of the stuff around in the basement or do I begin a major 'clear out', a task I have been avoiding because 'what if our teenager wants to play pool or ping pong or darts or'....You get the picture.

Perhaps I should relax and add the treadmill to the mix and remember that basements are meant to be packed to the gills with various items, the better to boggle the minds of all who venture down those steps....