Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taylor Reunion 2008

Just the first of the pictures from this weekend!!

Great weather, which I hear is a rarity for this grand event. It was sunny and almost hot here, and the young fishermen lined up on the dock to try to catch fish for us to eat. Not sure that happened, but it kept them busy and happy.

LOTS of cousins!! Nancy from Florida, the Maneys, Cindy and Charlie Hawkes and families, Julie and Wes from Colorado (with their two dogs), Rick and Laurie, Charlie Lochner, Kathy and Gordie, Annie and Dennis and families (daughter Jessica has a wedding coming up October 4th which you will see more of later on this blog), and plenty of Kinsellas. And, of course, Aunt CB and Uncle Jack and Uncle Harold.

It was so wonderful to see everyone. I have not been to a reunion in ages, and this was so much fun. Rick brought his 'toy', his potato launcher, which launched potatoes, tomatoes, grapes and whatever, at unsuspecting jet skiis. Later, he tried to reinact WWII bombs that skipped several times before finding the perfect angle to take out German dams near industrial towns....apples DO skip on water when angled correctly!

Lots of goodies to take home--Concord grapes by the bunches, apples felled courtesy of Hurricane Ike, butternut squash, tomatoes. Reams of paper and pens from our drug lord, brother Chris, and pens, carabiners and squishy brains (as in stress balls) from our coroner, Wes.

The Food!! So much of everything!! Next year, I will know to bring lots of leftover containers--there were so many of the main dishes that I wanted to take home--sauerkraut, fruit salad, beans, veggies, tomatoes straight from the vine, deviled eggs.

And, you knew there were desserts! Several of our cousins (or were they brothers?) went right to the desserts, bypassing the salads and main dishes. Lots of pies--elderberry of course, cookies, brownies of all types, cakes, bars, shrimp....Just checking to see if you were reading or skimming....Yes, the ring of shrimp was with the desserts. Perhaps so that the shrimp lovers would not find it TOO early?

As I left, the fire in the firepit was going strong, and marshmellows were making an appearance. SO GOOD to see everyone and catch up, at least for a hug and smile. Stay safe, and we'll see everyone next September. As always, thanks to the Harold Taylor families for hosting.

Stay tuned for many more pictures! And, please send your pictures to me (Herdeg5@comcast.net) if you took some on Saturday! Thanks.

Picture One: Rick with white potato launcher, as the assorted crowd watches
Picture Two: Kristin, Cameron and Grandpa Tim (again, HOW can Tim be a grandfather?? So handsome, so young)
Picture Three: Gina (girlfriend of Brian), Brian Herdeg (son of Pat, grandson of Aunt CB), Pat Kinsella Herdeg (as in 'me'), background, Annie and Kathy (daughters of Uncle Harold)
Picture Four: Matt Kinsella (son of Tim), Brian, Gina, Tim Walker, Cameron Walker, Kristin Kinsella Walker (daughter of Tim, granddaughter of Aunt CB)

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