Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sept. 11, 1924--Aunt Doris' Birthday, By Aunt CB

Today, Sept. 11th means much to all of the U.S.A.—but as Doris and I sat, watching the event unfold on her TV, she could only moan, “and on MY birthday! How could they?”

How could they indeed!—unload such a horror on the birth date of Aunt Dot, everybody’s sweetheart! Well, she and I knew one another pretty well and as she spilled some beans on my kids, I’m going to spill some here—this is only one of many such scenarios in our growing up years!

I’d just finished my Sophomore year in high school, and she was home on vacation from R.I.T. The fellow that I was currently dating had invited me to his parents' cottage for an overnight stay, and as he knew Doris and we’d double dated a time or so, she was included in the invitation.

We arrived, swam, ate a meal and swam some more and presently bedtime came. The cottage was a simple one, living room and kitchen combined and 3 bedrooms, and like many summer only homes, the walls of a room only stood eight feet or so, leaving the rafters exposed and all air free to circulate throughout the cottage. Now Doris and I, at this juncture, were pretty close and we’d worked up several themes that we were collecting word pictures for. One of these was a toilet and the manufacturer’s brand or name printed on them. Therefore, collecting our tooth brushes and toothpaste, we went together into the simple bathroom, readying ourselves for bed. Suddenly, Doris grabbed my shoulder, ( jarring my toothbrush) and whispered forcefully, “LOOK!”

Just as forcefully she turned me in the direction of her pointed finger, and covered her mouth with her other hand. What we both saw, big and bold, printed on the back wall of the inner toilet itself sent us into convulsions of laughter, peal after peal, and of course, all trying to be shushed up—for every creak was heard throughout the entire cottage.

There, stamped for all to see, throughout the life of many flushes, was a single word, THUNDERER! For the rest of our lives when together, the mere mention sent us into gales of laughter. Never did take much to get us going!

Picture One: Doris, Charlie, Cindy (it was her birthday), Steve and Michael
Picture Two:Esther, Doris, CB
Picture Three: Doris
Picture Four: CB, Julie, Doris


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'd forgotten those!!! One of our favorites was the mustard pickle one where you put all the stuff in a quart jar , screw the lid tight and every time you go by it on the counter, turn it upside down for one week!!! [Invert it from what it was!]We loved that one because we could say we were working and then go READ which was our main occupation!!! I do miss those Sept jaunts! Going to take one this year with Uncle Harold and Jack and try them at reading and cooking at Otty Lake!!! Aunt CB

Pat said...

Can't WAIT to taste the pickles THOSE two come up with!!!

Sue Kinsella said...

I'd heard stories for years of sleepovers at Aunt Dot's, with everybody crammed into her big king-size bed. It sounded as though it was always the ultimate Crazy Night and I was envious of Julie and others who got to do that.

Finally, a few years ago, Alex and I went to Niagara Falls and spent a night with Aunt Dot on the way. By then, she was on oxygen most of the time but we lay on her bed talking all night long anyway. Alex, who was about 8 or 9 then, fell asleep to the whoosh of the oxygen pump as we discussed extra-sensory perception, family stories, and lots more.

Of course it left me wishing for more times like that, but I felt privileged to get at least one opportunity for an Aunt Dot mythical sleepover.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Dot! So wish you were here.

Love, Sue