Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breaking Cousin News--Welcome Graham Alan Wright to the World!

Nancy Taylor Wright sent along great news--A new Taylor Cousin arrived on Saturday.

Donnie Wright, son of Nancy, and his wife, Sarah Osborne Wright, welcomed Graham Alan into the world on Saturday, April 12th about 9:30 at night. At 9 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long, baby and mother survived an unplanned c-section.

As Nancy wrote: "Am going back to the hospital later this afternoon to take a few more pictures, hold this precious sweetie that looks like Sarah in the face, has Donnie's dimple in the chin, and a bunch of dark hair like his mother. And looking at those large painting hands, Donnie's already contemplating the paintbrush for him to hold to help his daddy with the next mural."

Due April 8th, when Graham finally goes home, he will find a nursery painted by Daddy, or again, as Nancy writes: "Having decided on turtles as a theme, Donnie painted the turtle in Disney's Nemo all around the room in different scenes -- one is Daddy Donnie, one Mommie Sarah, another little Faith (his stepdaughter) and then there is little wee Graham. It's so well done, but then, he is an artist!"


Picture One: Donnie and Graham

Picture Two: Sarah and Graham

Picture Three: Faith and Graham

Picture Four: Donnie in scrubs

Picture Five: Nancy and Graham


sue kinsella said...

Wow, he's gorgeous! Congratulations Nancy, Donnie and Family, and Welcome, Graham!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nancy and all - you look so happy excited and someone looks tired? Wonder who that could be???????


Anonymous said...

Maybe Pat did not know but also with those pictures was one showing Graham's crib and room and the beautiful turtles that Donny had painted on his walls, He is a wonderful artist and this is his profession. Aunt CB

Anonymous said...

Coming soon--pictures of little Graham AND the painted room!