Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Pictures from Sunday


Tom Kinsella said...

Nice pictures all, but how about that last one with Jim, Chris, and Jim. Three dudes!

Sue Kinsella said...

So wonderful to see so many relatives! Here are more IDs, from left to right. Let me know if I got one wrong.

Picture 1 – Jessica Catherman (Annie’s daughter), Harold Taylor

Picture 2 – Alison, Nick and Pat Kinsella Herdeg, Tom Kinsella (in foreground), Brian and Glenn Herdeg

Picture 3 – Yvonne Hauf Bailey (Kathy’s daughter), Mary Lou Taylor Spears, Tom Bailey (Yvonne’s husband), Steve Hawkes

Picture 4 – Cindy Hawkes Gabrys (partially hidden), Joe Gabrys (Cindy’s husband), Chris Kinsella (facing away), Mary Hawkes (Charlie’s wife), Charlie Hawkes

Picture 5 – Jim Kinsella, Chris Kinsella, Jimmy Alberts (Judy Taylor’s husband)