Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aunt Barb Taylor

Always helping, always laughing with a joke, a great cook, with great hugs.

I remember all of the holidays spent at their home. While we were busy playing in the play house out back or down by the creek in the woods, Aunt Barb was making the feast that we were about to eat.

After stepping over numerous little cats to get to their doorway, Aunt Barb always greeted me a huge hug.

I will miss you so much!


Diana said...

I too have fond memories. Her and Uncle Harold were the people that I knew the best apart from Gpa and Gma Taylor and Aunt Ruth. I know that we visited often and I was amazed at all the 4-H stuff that Kathy and Mary and Anne and Judy were in.

She was fun and gracious to a young lady not too sure where she fit in in the huge family. A big hearty hug was always waiting sometimes followed by a family style smack on the behind as you walked away.

My condolences to all of you.

Julie said...

Nice pictures! I'll miss Aunt Barb. For some reason when I was very young I thought she was my mother's sister. Couldn't figure out how an aunt and uncle who were married could also be siblings. Duh! I think it was just because she always seemed to fit like a glove into the rest of the family. Of course, we loved going over to Aunt Barb and Uncle Harold's. There was so much room to run around, the three-seater bathroom was absolutely awesome! the rides behind Uncle Harold's little tractor were a blast and the playhouse in the trailor a wonderland! Their house and enormous yard was the best place in the world, besides Grandma's, for Family Reunion. Snipe hunting could not be beat. Aunt Barb was a great cook. I loved her dearly and will truly miss her infectious smile.

Sue Kinsella said...

Thanks, Pat, for setting this up for those of us who can't be at Aunt Barb's funeral. I wish I could be there.

The families that we spent the most time with were Aunt Esther's and Uncle Harold's. Aunt Esther left us way too early. It's still shocking to me to think about that, and still incomprehensible.

She and Aunt Barb were two of the pillars of my world. Because of that, I realize now that I took Aunt Barb for granted. She was one of the adults who kept my world together, while I played with the kids. But I know she watched over me as if I were her own.

I remember hearing her in conversation wtih my mother on a tape my parents sent me. I had been in California for about a year at that point and Mom said it looked like I was going to stay there. "You mean, she LIKES it there!" I heard Aunt Barb exclaim incredulously. I'm sure she wished that all of us stayed right close to the hearth of home.

There are lots of things I remember about being at Uncle Harold and Aunt Barb's: playing with Kathy, cats, the playhouse, cats, vines over the ravine, cats, the beautiful old-time wooden floor, cats, and so much more. I see Aunt Barb washing dishes at the sink, and gabbing with my mother, and watching out for all the little kids. I see her up at the cottage wearing an outrageous sunbonnet and having so much fun.

Her leaving us is the passing of an era. And a good era it was, too. I don't yet believe that it's happened, and she will always live in my heart.

Tim K said...

Great pictures - thanks for posting them Pat

Tom Kinsella said...

Yes, Aunt Barb was a great hugger. And she had that wonderful laugh that Kathy, Mary Lou, Annie and Judy all have in their own way. Sort of an irrepressible whoop.