Thursday, December 27, 2007

And More


Anonymous said...

Pat pretty much covered the sunday doings but Barbara would have been proud!! I know Harold was and when he pointed out the angels to be with Barb forever, he cried along with me!!! The gal behind the counter in the kitchen was Gordies mother and then his step father. There was another to help but I do not know who. The girls had gotten meat trays and most of the rest came from friends who all brought something. WE did so too just as we do for a reunion.
Kathy called to tell me after Christmas that Harold had come there Christmas day and stayed until 8 PM. So for now he is OK and will be I believe. Lonely, yes but OK.
Every time we came down to see them Barb always spoke of how they could not do so well except that their girls all helped. They sure did alright!!! Aunt CB

Sue Kinsella said...

Thank you, Pat, for putting up all these pictures, and thank you, Chuckie, for taking them. It helped me be there with everyone a little bit, but left me wishing so that I could have been there in person.

It's been so long since I've seen some relatives that I wasn't sure who everybody was in the pictures. I recognized most, but had to get help from Pat and Mom for the rest. So, thinking that others may have the same questions in trying to identify everyone, I decided to put notes here and in the next postings to ID the pictures. All the IDs are from left to right. If I missed someone or got the wrong name, please let me know!

Picture 1 – Judy Taylor Alberts, David Lochner, CB Kinsella, Jon Maney

Picture 2 – Jack Kinsella, Chris Kinsella (facing away), Jill Maney (Jon’s wife), Jon Maney, Jill Kinsella (Jim’s wife)