Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Reunion Pictures!

A beautiful autumn day here in New England! I thought I would put up some more great pictures from the reunion............


Diana said...

Help - please ID photos - those of us who remember everyone much younger or as children - I have not a clue who you are.

Nancy - I do recognize you though girl - glad you were able to make it up.

Pat said...

1) Dan Kinsella and Richard Maney
2)Tim Kinsella, Cindy, Tom Kinsella
3)Colleen, Richard Maney, Kathleen
4)Julie and Wes
5) Nancy Taylor

Julie Riber said...

It was so great to see Nance (especially) and everyone else at Family Reunion. Yes, I would not have missed this one for anything, even the lousy weather. Thanks for all the great pictures!