Saturday, September 29, 2007

From Annie Catherman

To all of you that couldn't come we sure do miss you all! Would be great fun to get more people to the reunion. Wish we could twitch your nose like Bewitch and get everyone to one place just to reminisce!!!

We sure did have a lot of relatives at the Taylor reunion!! I am still trying to get all the names on one piece of paper and try to remember all the names???? We had freezing weather which is normal for September time. All the food was excellent- never can finish it all and then have room for all the desserts too!!! I think it took three lines to get everyone through to get food!!

I figured out that there had to be a least three generation of cousins in some of the families????Any one else agree??? HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD TIME!!!!!!

Love Annie


Aunt CB said...

I consider myself to take place [ in so far as possible] of my siblings who can not speak for themselves SO watch what you say!!!

Pat said...

Taylor Family--Uncle Harold, Aunt Barb,Jessica (Annie's daughter), Annie, Eric,Abigail, Kathy, Gordy,Jonah, Carol and Jeff ( Kathy's son)

Pat said...

1)Tom, Julie, Jim
2) Uncle Jack

Aunt CB said...

get all your siblings to view this page!! I'd like to see a comment from ALL you cousins!! Aunt CB