Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Uncle Harold's youngest daughter Judy Taylor Alberts and her husband Jimmy live in Florida, as you can see from this picture--Looks wonderfully warm! They send everyone New Year's Greetings.

 Cousin Diana Taylor McCarty, Arnon's daughter does NOT live in Florida. In her Minnesota, the temperatures are below zero and getting colder.

She sends these pictures to us for the Holidays and writes:

"This is from a long time ago and don't let the fact that Arnon is
looking at the camera fool you - he had been fast asleep as well.

They were all well fed but obviously I had not provided enough
entertainment to keep them awake.  But that is what you do at a family
holiday, visit, eat, sleep."

And the next picture?

"Of course one way of making sure everyone stayed awake was those years
when I had a litter of puppies for people to play with at Christmas!"

So, Happy New Year to everyone--stay safe and healthy in 2014!


CB said...

How great to see pictures of my big brother! And wish I had one of those puppies!
Thanks for the catch up, Diana-- He;d never admit that he slept!!

Sue Kinsella said...

Aw, Pat, I liked your picture of your cat in Christmas finery that was at the top of the page yesterday!