Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas 1997 With Julie and Wes, By Susan Kinsella

 As I enjoy an Jacqui Lawson Advent Calendar every day of December, it occurred to me that others MUST have favorite Christmas stories, or traditions or recipes they would like to share in Cousin Country. So, I put out the call. Of course, my big sister Sue answered!
Sue and Alex--SNOW!

Your email brought to mind one of my favorite Christmases, when Alex and I went to Colorado to share the holidays with Julie, Wes and their dog, Buddy. It was 1997 and Alex was turning five just before Christmas. I won't go into what age I was turning, except to say that I was much younger then. 

We had such a great time! Since it doesn't snow where we live (for which I am so grateful), it was delightful to peek out the window one morning and discover the yard glistening with white. We went sledding with Julie and Wes on the hill across the road from their house.

 Julie, Wes and Buddy

 Alex and Julie

Sue, Alex and Wes
For Christmas Day, Julie had decorated and sewn corduroy bags for each one of us instead of stockings and filled them with wonderful treats. One of Alex's favorite presents was a magnetic fishing game, so he and Julie 'went fishing' often. He also got a construction set, so he and Wes spent hours together building a wonderful battery-operated car. 
 Alex and Wes 

Alex and Julie 'Gone Fishin'
 It was such a great visit! And, to make it even more special, on Christmas morning we got word that Jen had gone into labor, and by evening we were so excited to learn that Maggie had come into the world. What a Christmas!



Pat said...

Sounds like so much fun!

And, we Herdegs remember Buddy fondly. He (and Julie and Wes) visited about the same time when our kids were little. Buddy chased after thrown balls for what seemed like hours. In the end, dog and kids were VERY tired--just what we intended!

Thanks, Sue!

Mom/CB said...

What a joy to go back and "visit" again! Especially with pic tures! Ths snow must have been GREAT for Alex!
And this year our Maggie turns 16! Where do the years go? They do bring so many wonderful memories tho, thanks for this Sue!