Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Fourth Of July! By Pat Herdeg and Julie Lochner Riber

Julie Lochner Riber sent along this picture of her dad standing in front of a camouflaged howitzer in 1945. Look at the size of that tire!

She also sent along a picture of her Mom and Dad taken about the same time and suggested it might be a Valentine Picture (and it would be a terrific one!), but who can wait until next February?!

I also dug up this picture of Uncle Dick taken about 1943. He enlisted in the Army on September 10th, 1942 in Rochester, NY.

On this Fourth of July Week, we are SO PROUD of our veterans! They are why we are free and why we can celebrate this grand holiday.

Thank you to all of our cousins who have and do serve our nation. We owe you more than we can express.

Uncle Dick and Aunt Esther, we miss you both so much. I remember so fondly our spring and fall birthday get-togethers and know that you are looking down on us as we celebrate our Fourth of Julys in all parts of Cousin Country.


Susan Kinsella said...

Love these pictures! Thanks!

Aunt CB said...

What a grand way to help us to remember July 4th! And WHY did I never get Dick Lochner to speak of his time overseas? I know he was reluctant to but I could have reasoned with him-- I do know that it was very hard , for him and All the others! No way to tour France!
Yes I am grateful to all but how hard for those who did not come home and those they left behind!!

Kathryn said...

I just had to hop on here to say I love the picture of Esther and Dick.
I also love the pic of Dick in front of the howitzer. CB, a lot of Vets who served in war or after a war do not like to talk about it. It makes the memories too fresh. While PTSD seems to be 'new' it has been around for a while. Not fun.
Yesterday I took 2 of Kayte's kids to Wingfoot state park. It was built by Goodyear. They climbed on top of a tire that was halfway buried in the ground. What was exposed was taller than me. Ah, the perks of living near Akron, Ohio - the rubber city.
I love you all!

Julie (Lochner) Riber said...

That's a wonderful way, Pat, to thank our veterans, and there are so many to whom we are grateful. I love those pictures of my parents. They look so young and innocent, don't they? If I can find out a little more information for you, about Dad's experiences in war (and "yes" he would never talk about it even when asked), I will send it along.