Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Taylor Reunions By Aunt CB

As the Taylor Reunion is almost upon us, I had Mom write up a history of the Taylor Reunions. Carol Taylor Hart contributed this picture from the 1989 Reunion:

The Reunions first started after Mom died in 1970. Daddy had died in 1969. Arnon and Harold were executors of the will. During the summer and fall after she died we all got together several times to sort through stuff. We each took an area home to sort and share. Ruth took family pictures and I took newspaper clippings. (I made up copies of all clips for each of us. Most were health columns.) Some years later we met at 2846 St. Paul for the weekend and divided family pictures. (Jack made doubles for those wanting same).

September, 1970, near the date Mom and Daddy were married, (Sept. 30, 1915) we had an overnight weekend at Arnon’s. We all camped in his back yard. This was the first partial dispersal of estate money and was the first of the Taylor reunions. This was also where the famous story of Harold’s heart covered underwear comes from:

They were covered with lively red hearts and absolutely enthralled us all! We were standing in Arnon’s kitchen, looking out the window which overlooked his backyard where several of us had camped in tents and trailers. Ruth, Esther and I were trying to get our eyes open after a late night. Arnon and Maria were there, working on coffee I think. It was early and the sun promised us a lovely day. Like automatons we stood in a row before the window when suddenly, to our amazement, from one tent, out popped Harold, ready to greet the morning. Secure in the knowledge that trees screened him from the cars passing on the thruway just behind Arnon’s house, he stepped behind his tent to water the grass—but not before we’d all seen his attire! Beautiful red hearts on white underwear! Our hoots can still be heard!

We decided to have a reunion at one another’s homes every year on the fourth Saturday of September. We had one at Harold’s, Esther’s, Doris’, CB’s and another at Arnon’s place in Old Forge, NY. Ruth’s home was not amendable to having one.

We then decided to have one at Cayuga Lake State Park, same weekend. We’d rent cabins to accommodate all, stay Friday and Saturday nights and leave Sunday A.M. (had to rent for two nights at a time.) This worked for a few years. Barb and I would go early on Friday afternoon, get all the keys, and set up the cabins. We had to bring bedding, pillows, etc. and all cooking stuff plus food and paper needs. We each paid for our cabins and passed the hat to cover other needs.

This finally got to be too hard, too expensive, (cabin prices increased each year) so we changed the location to Harold’s cottage on Cayuga Lake. This worked better but the fourth Saturday seemed to have the worst weather of the month, usually cold or rainy. So, we changed it to the third Saturday in September. This has not always provided better weather but we’ve continued on this date.

Notices are sent out to each child of Lloyd and Ethel Taylor, plus their grandchildren. Their grandchildren are responsible for informing their families. All are welcome and expected to bring a dish to share.

The last five or six years Harold has rented a “Port-a-Potty” so as not to overload the septic system at the cottage. This, too, has inspired a story!

This was probably the first reunion that Harold had rented the “Port-a-Potty.” There it stood, in all its glory, just behind the cottage and adjacent to the parking. Barbara, the Queen of the event, was, as usual, beautifully dressed and awaiting arrivals. She was wearing her full complement of rings on her fingers which she dearly loved. Responding to the call of nature, she decided to try this new “potty.” Suddenly a piercing cry shattered the air, “My ring!” and the door swung open, Barb burst out, crying, “My ring! It fell in” She had lost much weight and her fingers had grown thinner, allowing the ring to fall off her finger and tumble into the “stew!”

Not to worry, Harold saved the day! He reached into the “pot” and felt around until he located the ring. His only comment, “Lucky it was early in the day!”


Pat said...

Thanks, Mom!

Kudos to Uncle Harold for saving Aunt Barb's ring--wow!


Aunt CB said...

Real kudos should go to Kathy amd Annie who set this up each year [ with their spouses help] and then do cleanup! Thay are the REAL Queens!!!

Sue Kinsella said...

Just got back from this year's Taylor Reunion late last night. It was so wonderful to see so many relatives, some of whom I hadn't seen for years and years! I'm so glad that our family started this tradition so long ago.

Stories coming soon! I have lots of pictures, as does Uncle Jack and Chuck Lochner and, I'm sure, many others as well. (I heard someone say they felt like they were besieged by the paparazzi, but heavens - pictures of relatives are so precious!

Judy said...

Only Pops would be willing to do that for mom. :) Look forward to this years pictures. Love you all