Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom, also known as CB, or Lucille Kate Taylor Kinsella

March 21st—Spring officially arrived last night, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we have survived MOST of this cold and snowy winter.

But, we here on the cousins blog have more important events to celebrate—namely, my mother’s 84th birthday!

Little Lucille has come a long way from her summer days helping Adin milk cows in Center Lisle, suffering through two bouts of scarlet fever (and so getting her never-been-cut red hair sheared extremely short—so the long hair did not drain her energy), working in the fields during WWII to help the war effort (and thereby gaining her long-time nickname of ‘CB’ because she worked as fast as the legendary racehorse Sea Biscuit), and in 1949 marrying John Joseph Kinsella in Waterloo, NY.

I think we can all tell numerous stories of my mother, but today, I thought I would help celebrate her birthday by giving a short rundown of her eight children and their families, thus helping cousins place us all when you see the ‘Kinsella’ name in a story on the blog. For almost fifty years, Mom and Dad lived in West Irondequoit, a northern suburb of Rochester, NY. About five years ago, they moved to a smaller home in Greece, yet another Rochester suburb. But, back to the kids:

Picture Two: Kinsella Family, 1969—Back Row—Tim, Dan, Sue; Middle Row—Pat, Tom, Jack, CB, Beth; Front Row—Jim, Chris

Susan Ethel Kinsella, their first child, arrived in 1951. She now lives near San Francisco. Her son Alexander Brown Kinsella graduates from high school this June.

Daniel John was born in 1952. He married Liz Lehmann and they both live in Fairport, a suburb of Rochester.

Timothy James was next, born in 1955. He married Rosemary Holz in 1976. They live in Liverpool, NY. Their oldest is Kristin, who married Tim Walker. They live in Clay, NY with their two young children, Cameron and Leah—Mom and Dad’s first great grand-children. Paul is Tim and Rose’s middle child, born in 1982. He married Angela Cooper last summer, and they both live near Los Angeles. Matthew, Tim and Rose’s third child, was born in 1985. He lives in Baldwinsville, NY with his long-time girl friend, Gina Herzbrun.

Patricia Ann was Jack and CB’s fourth child. I married Glenn Herdeg in 1983. In 1987, our oldest, Brian was born. He will be marrying Gina Marzullo this summer. Alison, our middle child, was born in 1989. She graduates from college this May. Nicholas, our youngest, was born in 1991. He is a freshman at CU Boulder.

Thomas Edward was born in 1959. He works in NJ and lives in Absecon with his long-time love, Christine Farina.

Elizabeth Ruth was born in 1961 and she is married to Takeshi Sakanishi. They live in Chiba, Japan.

James Matthew was born in 1965. He is married to Jill Miller and they live in Greece, NY, a few blocks away from Mom and Dad. Their oldest daughter, Madeline, was born in 2000, and Kelly was born in 2004.
Christopher Paul was born in 1968. He is married to Jen Dalle and they live in Cicero, NY with their four children (and yes, various assorted pets). Their oldest, Margaret, was born in 1997, Bridget in 2000, Patrick in 2003 and Joseph in 2005.

Ma, we love you! Have a terrific Birthday—we wish you energy, health and peace as we ALL surround you with our love and gratitude.

Picture Three, 2009 : Back Row, Left to Right—Tim Walker, Angela Cooper, Paul Kinsella, Gina Herzbrun, Matt Kinsella, Christine Farina, Tom Kinsella, Sue Kinsella, Alex Kinsella, Liz Lehmann, Dan Kinsella, Gina Marzullo, Brian Herdeg, Glenn Herdeg
Middle row: Kristin holding Cam, Tim Kinsella, Rose Kinsella, Jim Kinsella, Jill Kinsella, CB, Jack, Chris Kinsella, Jen Kinsella holding Joe, Pat Herdeg, Alison Herdeg, Nick Herdeg
Front Row: Maddy, Kelly, Bridget, Maggie, Patrick

Picture Four: Ma and Pa and the crew walking up to dinner, 2009


Sue Kinsella said...

Mom, I have always thought that the First Day of Spring is a wonderful day for a birthday. I hope it's a delightful day this year for you, and that it's just the start of an especially lovely year.

It's startling to think how much would be missing in the world if you hadn't been born!

Love you, Sue

Nance said...

Aunt CB, you have always been the Springtime of my life, with your bubbly nature, goodly advice, and loving intentions. I miss seeing you so much and wish I was there for a good hug, and I am looking forward to Family Reunion this year to get my many family hugs -- and that special one from you! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! Nance

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Aunt CB!!
I love you very much!
Thank you for careing so much about what is happening to me. My Mom would appreciate it too.
Lots and LOTS of love, always!

Pat said...


Thinking of you today! Spring is not here totally--snowing like crazy as I type this, but as we know, will not stick for long now.

Happy Birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday CB-Sending all my love and Best Wishes! I hope you have a wonderful birthday-Love You So Much! Hugs !!! Joyce

Diana said...

I know that some on the list are 'literary' and likely have read some of James Michner's novels. In order to read one of those novels - it was helpful to read the family tree(s) at the beginning of the book - or at least to consult them as a reference.

Who know that the Taylorbaker cousins Blog would also require a preface of such magnitude!

Happy Birthday Aunt CB - it's a pleasure to know you. Much Love.

Diana said...

...and this is where I say I spelled the author's name wrong just to see if you would notice - LOL

Pat said...


Yes, it sometimes DOES seem like a Michener or a Russian novel as I struggle to put names with events and faces.

Anyone want to help me do their extended family tree for the blog?

Just give me names and birthyears, etc, pictures, and I can do one for your family tree.


Mom/CB said...

WHEWW!! What a send off! Most people shudder when theyhear of our family size but ir never seemed big to me. and these days, when I see how delighted each and every one is to be with one another, and all the cousins too, I realize how lucky I am!!! As well, I claim all my siblings kids to love now for them!! One BIG family!!

Tim Kinsella said...

Nice write up Pat. Thanks.

Evelyn Taylor said...

CB, At last I know the origin of your nickname. It was a long time before I knew your "real" name!
Let me join the long list of best wishes for your birthday. What a wonderful famiy! What a legacy!

Love always,

Sue Kinsella said...

Today is March 24 - Happy Birthday, Leona! I remember lovely times coming to visit you and play with Dorothy. Seems like it was just a few years ago!