Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Birthdays, 2011 By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Ahh, April Fools Day was ALWAYS looked forward to in our house. For days ahead, we worked out pranks and jokes. Particularly in the morning, I tried to wake up more quickly than usual—could be salt and not sugar I was spooning onto my cheerios, could be the clock was ten minutes behind what it should be, could be, well just about anything! We tended not to believe anything we were told that day. This morning, I feel like another prank has hit me—snow! It coats the trees and then plunks loudly to the ground in wet white dust storms. THIS is April?! On to the Birthdays! Graham Gabby Mike

In Uncle Arnon’s family, Michael Anthony McCarty (Diana’s son), Graham Alan Wright (Donnie’s son, grandson of Nancy), and Gabrielle Michelle Letourneau (Cynthia's daughter, 1st grandchild of Nancy Taylor Wright) are the Birthday Kids.

Paul and Angela Rosemary

In Aunt Ruth's family Marlene Ann Maney ( Richard’s daughter) is the Birthday Girl.

In Aunt CB's family, Rosemary Holz Kinsella (Tim’s wife), Paul Christopher Kinsella (Tim’s son) , and Kelly Ann Kinsella (Jim’s daughter) all celebrate this month.

Uncle Harold's grandson, Jessie Taylor Spear (Mary Lou’s son) is the Birthday Boy in their family.

William Carson
Pam and Mitch Taylor
Laurie and Sarah
Charlie and Mary

On the Taylor side, William Carson, father of Emma Jane Carson, was born in April 1830 in Northern Ireland. Pamela Taylor Crane (daughter of Bryant and Evelyn Taylor) blows out candles this month.

In Aunt Esther's Lochner family, Laurie Acker Lochner (Rick’s wife), and Judith Powers Lochner (Ted’s wife) are April Girls.

Aunt Doris' son Charles William Hawkes, and Kelly Marlene Walker ( Cindy’s daughter) celebrate this April.

Gavyn and Aedyn Rhoda
Dawn and Annie
Dawn and Bernie

On the Baker side, Gladys Howland Wood, her son, Michael F. Wood, and Glady's great grandson, Aedyn Langstaff (Kathryn Wood Barron’s grandson), all have Birthdays this month.

In Aunt Phyllis familiy, two of her daughters--Rhoda Lynn Coleman and Sheila Ann Coleman (known as Annie), and Bernard C. Walker (Dawn Coleman’s husband) are the Birthday Kids.

Neil Carmen Maffei, Jr. ( Leona’s son) also celebrates an April Birthday.

Wow! Lots to celebrate this month. Congrats to all.


Aunt CB/Mom said...

You do such a great job, posting these birthdays! I read on to see how many ways you can express the same month after month!! We are so grateful to you for all you do to knit us all together!!
I wish more would send you pictures and especially wish more would leave a comment. Do you think some find it hard to leave one? It can be tricky but if it stumps some, most of you know my address and write me and I will send along 1'2'3 directions!!

Pat said...

Thanks, Ma.

Yes, email Ma if you want and she can put up comments for people also. As you can see, she is QUITE good at it!

Love you,

Diana said...

April Fools Day at the Arnon Taylor house.

Dad LOVED a good practical joke. Many times it involved fake items. Like the fake chalk he gave me to put on the chalkboard in French class, or the fake lightbulb, or fake soap. The trick was always trying to get the items back because school was unforgiving.

Fake barf and fake bologna - if you used it you knew one day it was going to come back at you.

One year Jim had gotten a piece of pretty realistic fake Bologna so we made Dad his lunch (yeah like that wasn't a tip off). We were so excited waiting for him to come home and talk about the fake bologna - but NOTHING. NOT A WORD. Then Jim started to worry - maybe he ate it.

As I was emptying the house a few years back found an odd box of 'stuff' and at the bottom was the chalk, soap and yes the bologna. If he had lived longer and remembered where the box was - no doubt - someone would have been visited by the fake bologna!

Kathryn said...

I never really got into the April fools thing. I do not remember it being much of anything in the Wood household. Mother Nature dumped the snow on us on weds. and thurs and a dusting to wake up to today. It is mostly melted now. Yay!!
Pat, you are awesome!! You really do great on this blogsite! I appreciate all your work.