Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Birthdays: Part One

Ahh, December—It is raining as I write this, and so far here in Eastern Massachusetts, no snow yet for the season, but somehow, I will bet at least a FEW of our cousins have already seen snow!

As always, we have Birthday Kids for the month of December!

On the Baker side, Frederick F. Emhof ( Sylva’s husband) and Dorothy Jean Maffei (Leona’s daughter) have birthdays this month.

In Gladys’ family, Wendy Lee Wood Osterhout (daughter of Gladys), and her daughter, Sara Grace Osterhout, and Allena Ruth Smerchansky (daughter of Beth Barron, granddaughter of Kathryn Wood Barron) also celebrate this month.

In Phyllis’ family, Levi Wendell Henderson, son of David Henderson, grandson of Wendell, and Kelley Renee Walker ( daughter of Dawn, granddaughter of Phyllis) share birthday cakes.
Picture One: Kelley
Picture Two: Dorothy
Picture Three: Wendy
Picture Four: Sara
Picture Five: Beth and Lena
Picture Six: Levi

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Wendy, you need to smile in your pictures! Your smile is too beautiful to leave out!!!!

Dorothy, you are still my beautiful cousin - inside and out.

Dang, when did Levi get so big?

Sara, you are getting more beautiful all the time.

I want to point out that Lena's (Allena's) tie died shirt was done by herself. Beth and the kids spent a day tie dying for a school project. Really cool!! I also have to admit that I am extremely partial to that girl.

Great job Pat! Thanks!