Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Birthdays, Part Two:

In Uncle Harold’s family, his wife, Barbara Marie Buck, and Judy Lynn Taylor, Jimmy Alberts ( Judy’s husband) all celebrate this month—Congrats to all, and Judy and Jimmy, I trust that Florida weather will be sunnier than Seattle!

In the Baker Family, Lily Rosena Baker Howland ( Aunt Lil) leads the way this month. Also, Merle Barrows (son of Nell and Dell ) celebrates.

In the Taylor Family, Joan Tiffany Doran (married to Thomas Doran, son of Florence Taylor Doran), and Lance Taylor (son of Bryant Taylor, son of Floyd Taylor) are Birthday Kids.

Picture One: Judy and Jimmy
Picture Two: Aunt Lil
Picture Three: Joan and Tom Doran, October 1999
Picture Four: Amanda and Lance
Picture Five: Aunt Barb and Uncle Harold

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Diana said...

Great photos - as always Pat you keep us all in in 'line'.