Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Birthdays, Part Three:

In Uncle Arnon’s Family, Robert Arnon Taylor, Jonathan William McCarty ( Diana’s son ), Kristen Maria McCarty ( Diana’s daughter), and Faith Melton (Donnie's stepdaughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) all are the Birthday Kids.

In Aunt Ruth Maney’s Family, Kevin Michael Maney ( Michael’s son ), Colleen Margaret Maney (Richard’s daughter), and Jill Stauffer Maney ( Jon’s wife) share a November Birthday, and

In Aunt Doris Hawkes’ Family, Carter Michael Hawkes ( Mickey) is the Birthday Boy of the Month.

Picture One: Jon and Jill Maney
Picture Two: Colleen at 2010 Taylor Reunion

Picture Three: Kristen is at the Franconia sculpture Garden --http://www.franconia.org/

Picture Four: Jon at the Zoo

Picture Five: Faith


Diana said...

Hey my kids are really not that old - are they?

Pat said...


It is the cousins like you that contribute the pictures that are the real heroes of this blog--so good to get up to date pictures of relatives we rarely, if ever, see--Thank you!!

Pat said...

And, let's face it--what a COOL picture of Jon in front of the tigers!