Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Birthdays, 2010: Part One

Happy October!

Already, the leaves in Maine are turning and falling, and here in Massachusetts, the pumpkins and apples are everywhere. A beautiful sunny weekend to begin the month, with a chill in the air, and the smell of woodsmoke as we walk on neighborhood paths.

And, do we have birthdays this month on the cousins blog!

The Taylor Old Timers with October Birthdays are: - Cordelia Waller Taylor, mother of B.W. Taylor, who married our next birthday girl--Emma Jane Carson ( mother of Lloyd Taylor and Floyd, Clara, Leon, Florence….), and Emma’s son, Leon Carson Taylor.

And, the Baker Old Timers for October are: Nancy Borthwick Baker(married to Leonard Baker, grandmother to Ethel, Lil), William Youngs ( Diadamia Mott’s husband, Grandfather of Ethel and Lil) ,and Byron A. Baker (father of Ethel, Ruth, Adin and Lillian).

Closer to our age group,

In Aunt Doris’ family, her daughter, Cynthia Hawkes Gabrys, Eowyn Brionna Colley, (daughter of Kristyne Colley, granddaughter of Charles Hawkes), Stephanee Hawkes ( Steve’s daughter), Sean Towlson, married to Cindy Hawkes’ daughter, Heather, and Sean and Heather’s son, Cameron Charles Towlson ( Cindy Hawkes’s grandson) ALL have October Birthdays!
Congratulations to all.

In Aunt Ruth’s family, her son, Richard Alan Maney, and Paul James Maney (Michael’s son) blow out candles this month.

Picture One: Eowyn.
Her grandfather Charlie writes: “Nana and Granda got Eowyn her Irish Dance outfit for her birthday. After she opened it, she danced around the room showing it off for about an hour.”
Picture Two: Cindy at this year’s Taylor Reunion
Picture Three: Eowyn and Cameron
Picture Four: Richard Maney


Aunt CB said...

The picture of Eowyn reminded me of the Taylor reunion. She had recentky started taking Irish dancing lessons. Kelly, Jim's youngest daughter saw her practicing and went to dance with her and we had a nice little concert all for ourselves!!
The beauty of getting to know your cousins!

Pat said...

I have to add, that although I could not make the reunion, several people commented on the Irish jig Girls.

Apparently, a real hit!