Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Birthdays, Part Two:

In Aunt CB’s family we have her husband, John Joseph Kinsella, and Brian Christopher Herdeg (son of Pat Kinsella), celebrating birthdays one day apart.

In Esther Taylor Lochner’s family, we have Sara Elizabeth Lochner ( Rick’s daughter) celebrating her birthday.

Picture One: Uncle Jack and Aunt CB
Picture Two: Brian and Gina
Picture Three: Maggie Kinsella, Sara Lochner

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Pat said...

Hey BriGuy and Pops,

A little early, but Happy Birthday to Both of you!!

Dad was pulling for baby Brian to be born on his birthday twenty two years ago, but Brian decided he wanted a day to himself--still, we have had fun over the years celebrating both when we could get together.

Here's to a colorful, crunchy leaved, apple cider filled, October!

Love to the Kinsella Birthday Boys,