Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Birthdays, 2009—Part One

October is a terrific month!! Welcome to Autumn—with its changing leaves and apples to pick and pumpkins to carve. In New England, our October Almanac predicts:

On the 2nd, Green darner dragonflies migrate about this time. Watch for them over sunny meadows.
On the 17th, First heavy frosts may occur about this time. Watch for dropping hazelnuts.
On the 24th of the month, Once the leaves are off the trees, look for oriole nests at the ends of willow and elm branches.
And, on the 29th, Watch for large congregations of migrating blackbirds around this time.

Our TaylorBaker history is no less colorful than the trees we love to watch this month, but focusing on the birthdays:

We have three ‘old timers’ this month: William Youngs ( Diadamia Mott’s husband, Grandfather of Ethel and Lil), Byron A. Baker (father of Ethel, Ruth, Adin and Lillian), and Nancy Borthwick Baker (married to Leonard Baker, grandmother to Ethel, Lil).

In Gladys Wood’s family, Kenneth C. Barron ( husband of Kathryn Wood) is the Birthday Kid and

In Sylva’s family, Linda Kathleen Emhof Arnold ( Sylva’s daughter) blows out the cake candles.
Picture One: William Youngs
Picture Two: Nancy Borthwick Baker
Picture Three: Byron Baker
Picture Four: Kenny
Picture Five: Linda and sister, Christine

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CB said...

Take a look at my grandfather, Byron Baker. Ignore the moustache and doesn't he look like my brother Arnon? Just as Harold reminds me so much of Adin! The Bakers came thru strong.