Monday, February 11, 2008

2007 Taylor Reunion Pictures By Charlie Hawkes

If the cold, cold dreary days are getting you down, why not pretend it is September on the Finger Lakes, AND, you are surrounded by family?

Thanks to Charlie Hawkes, we have a two part slide show with pictures of the Taylor Reunion.

Charlie writes: "To be honest with you, I owe it all to my daughter. She gave me a program for my computer that will take any pictures you have and put them to music. All I did was take pictures from the reunion, downloaded some music I have and combine them into what you have on the CD. As for the great pictures, luckily, I have a family that supplies me with the best moments anyone could ask for."

For anyone interested, Charlie adds, the program is by a company called MAGIX and it`s Xtreme Photostory on CD and DVD. They also have a web site

To open the two part slide show, just look to the right under 2007 Taylor Reunion and click on Charlie's pictures.

Thank you!


Tim KInsella said...

Charlie, this is great - I love the celtic music.

Tom Kinsella said...

Charlie, yes, this is great fun. I loved being at the reunion again.