Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Celebrating Uncle Harold and His Sayings, By the Men’s Weekend Crew

This annual Men’s Weekend at Otty Lake was May 19th through May 21st. Of course, the men did essential spring chores such as put out the raft and put in the dock and get the yards in shape. 

 But, they also had time to read Uncle Harold-like books, 

drink good beer and eat manly—but healthy (?)—food, 


 and of course, play (or watch) the annual hockey game with Americans and Canadians.

Aaron as Goalie??

 On Saturday of that weekend, Uncle Harold would have been 87 years young. So, the assembled men took a picture honoring one of Harold’s favorite stances—the Taylor Squat. At every reunion, it never took Uncle Harold long to get close to the action, squat down and listen and spout out words of wisdom. Some of those wise sayings:

  • ·         Ever back into a buzz saw?
  • ·         Ever back into a hot stove?
  • ·         It was as hot as a billy goat
  • ·         Northern United States to You = said in an Italian accent "Upper U.S."
  • ·         He has dunlops disease; his belly ‘dun’ lops over his belt
  • ·         Whatever blows your skirts up
  • ·         Uncle Harold often referred to a duffel bag as a 'dead ministers' bag, since when you were carrying a full one they seemed as heavy as if you were carrying a dead minister.
  • ·         Before we knew it, the caps were off and another beer was before us
  • ·         Busier than the 4 corners of Waterloo
  • ·         Sounds like barking spiders
  • ·           Paddle pain reliever— (another Algonquin gem)
  • ·         Colder than well-digger's butt!
  • ·         You have more poop than 7 crates of geese

·         We don’t get mad, we get even (For the entire story of back and forth pranks between Uncle Harold and others at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada, please read the blog story here:


The Taylor Squat

Uncle Harold – Happy Birthday! You are still missed, remembered and quoted!

*Many thanks to all who helped craft this story—Jack and CB Kinsella, brothers Dan, Tim, Tom, Jim and Chris Kinsella, Ted Lochner, Gordy Mills, and special thanks to Chuck Lochner for supplying the pictures.


Julie Riber said...

Always loved Uncle Harold and his witty sense of humor, and I think that's what everyone remembers the most about him... But I also remember his mechanical abilities and the tractors he'd use to pull all the kids around the field in a wagon in. Oh how I loved that so. We'd pack as many kids as the cart could stand and still move. So much fun!

Nancy Wright said...

I have a lot of fleeting memory moments I remember sharing with Uncle Harold -- when he would tell you something you would think maybe a little odd, then you would catch him with his sly grin and the smiling eyes watching to see if you would catch on, catching a lunch together at the Italian place downtown and having a dark beer with our lunch before they stopped serving that beer, taking a drive with him down Old River Road to see my old farm-stead from my childhood and not recognizing a single thing about it as it looks now with him describing the changes, sharing personal conversations with him where we would talk about a few things in the past as they related to the present, and in my childhood and with my kids also where he always supplied Cracker Jacks for all of us at the cottage, and with his gas station and his penny candy counter ---- a lot of things out of the past. There's only one "Uncle Butts"!