Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Woodlawn as a Working Farm By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Aunt CB has always maintained that her grandfather, Bryant Waller Taylor (B.W.) did not like being a farmer. But, a man who owned a farm he certainly was.

So, a few pictures of Woodlawn as a working farm around the turn of the 20th century. Remember as you look at these pictures that if you click on them, they will become larger photos for you to better see.

Newer picture, but shows Woodlawn and some of its outbuildings
Taken in 1900
Topping Carrots--Lloyd, Leon, Floyd
Haying--Floyd, Lloyd, Leon
 Taylor Family in 1904
Front--Florence and Mildred
Middle--Floyd, Clara, Emma, Lloyd
Back --Leon, B.W.
 B.W. and Floyd with horses
Floyd, Able Angel, Lloyd and Leon
When Woodlawn was sold in March of 1917, among the many items auctioned were: six horses, seven cows (some with calves), a McCormick mower, an Osborne Hay Tedder (?!), 110 potato crates, many different kinds of poultry (Lloyd in particular was interested in poultry and egg farming), a Babcock milk tester, a Nisco New Idea manure spreader, and a Munson Attrition Feed Mill, so a working farm it was until the end.


Aunt CB/Mom said...

Interesting list of auction items! Wonder what they went for?
i T think that the Babcock milker tester is the one that William Henry, [ married to Clara, BW"S sister] working with 2 other professors, perfected at U of Wisconsin, where he taught. What a wealth of information we do have!

Julie Riber said...

Interesting pictures and information, Pat! I would love to visit Woodlawn someday. Have grown up hearing so much about it. Seems it's worth a drive when we're back in Rochester someday.

Pat Herdeg said...


Sadly, you are too late. Woodlawn burned to the ground a few years back. See:

We are in contact with one of the more recent owners before the fire, and I hope to have her do a write up of her memories while living in Woodlawn.