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Bucket List of Places to Visit, Part 2 By Angela, Tim and Rose Kinsella

More from the cousins!

Santorini, Greece

From Angela:
Love this! Here are 3 from me/us (as I'm sure Paul would agree with me):
Santorini, Greece:
Easily one of the most spectacularly breathtaking place we have ever seen. Santorini and the archipelago of islands it is a part of were created by volcanos. This makes for an incredible mountainous view, lush gardens and greenery and great wine :) In Santorini, we rented an ATV that day and rode around the whole island.

Paul and Angela exploring the island
Tokyo, Japan: 

Very biased here, but the food is phenomenal - a wide range from sushi, to yakitori, traditional ramen and much more. I personally love Japanese culture. When we visited, I was surprised by how much of a juxtaposition there is throughout the day-to-day. For example, how forward thinking Japan is in the way of technology, and how backwards they are in the way of women's rights.

In Japan, we went to Kamakura with Aunt Beth, the photo is of matcha green tea that we had in the gardens in Kamakura. I chose it because it was one of the more peaceful, still and beautiful moments we had in Japan. And as I said, it was juxtaposed by the very noisy, busy, almost robotic nature of Japan overall. My favorite days in Tokyo were with Aunt Beth! 

Capri, Italy: 

 Probably one of my favorite countries in the world (though I still have lots to visit) is Italy. Capri is a small island off of the southeast edge of Italy. It's a very upscale, beach and fishing community but also is home to beautiful sights like the Blue Grotto. 

Runners' up:
Rome, Italy: Our favorite city in Italy.
Joshua Tree, California: Home to Joshua Tree National Park, one  the largest in the Southwest. 
  And, From Paul's parents:

From Tim:
Both of my places are rather standard but if it is for a bucket list I think everyone should visit both Paris and the Grand Canyon.


 Everyone who goes there will immediately recognize many famous sites (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumpe, Notre Dame, etc.) and will love eating at the many wonderful restaurants all throughout the town.  People should see more than just the main tourists sites however.  There are wonderful neighborhoods, all of which are filled with famous landmarks, small parks, interesting sidewalk cafes, etc.  Buy a Guide de Michelon and just walk around and learn about all the history throughout the town.  There are also many other neat things to do in Paris such as the Sewer Tours, underground catacombs, walking up to the top of Notre Dame and seeing the gargoyles close up, and much more.

Tim and Rose

Grand Canyon:

Whether you visit the south rim or the north rim you should plan several days to just sit and soak in the wonderful views.  I strongly recommend walking down into the canyon, at least part way, and going down both the Bright Angel trail (the one near the main parking lot) and the Kaibob trail (you have to take the part shuttle there) on the south rim.  Just walking a few miles along the south rim and then taking the park shuttle back is also very interesting.  And if you haven't done so take the time to go to the north rim. It is much less crowded and just as spectacular.

From Rose:
Some of my favorite places to visit in no particular order:

Disney World:

 It's a fun place even without kids. There's a ton to do, good food, beautiful landscaping, great entertainment and it just makes me happy.

Disney World

Zion National Park:

My favorite national park especially the river walk trail where you hike IN the river through gorgeous majestic canyon walls thousands of feet high

Grand Canyon:

 A close second. Great hiking trails. You could just sit in a chair and look at the beautiful scenery.

Las Vegas:

 It's just one of those places that everyone should go to once in their lives. Even if you don't gamble, there's lots of other things to do. Hoover Dam is awesome too.

Sunset in Siesta Key, Florida

Siesta Key, Florida:

 A gorgeous beach as are most of the ones on the gulf coast. Even if you aren't a sun worshipper, it's beautiful to walk along the beach, collect shells and dip your toes in the water.

Southern Bavaria in Germany:

 Spectacular mountains, castles, lakes, delicious food

Thanks Angela, Paul, Tim and Rose for these wonderful ideas of places to visit!

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MOM/CB said...

I just enjoy reading someone elses stories! Yes, I loved Japan BUT one must realize that it is a DIFFERENT country! Women are still fighting for their place, as is true here in USA! The men hate to mgive an inch!
This has been a good idea, to write of other places! How about some in our own nearby countryside?