Friday, July 3, 2015

Graduations! by Susan Kinsella

We have lots of Taylor Baker Cousins graduates to celebrate from all levels of schooling! As the Mom of one of the graduates, I am continually amazed at how fast it seems they have all grown up. So I am including baby pictures to remind us, as well as to celebrate how wonderful they have been from their earliest days and how much we love them all.

Congratulations to all our Graduates!


Three of our cousins graduated from preschool. I love their excitement. They are clearly ready to take on Kindergarten in the fall!

William Colley

Son of Kristyne Hawkes Colley, Grandson of Charlie Hawkes, Great-Grandson of Doris Hawkes
Lockport, New York

Olivia Rooks

Daughter of Jessica Catherman Rooks, Granddaughter of Annie Taylor Catherman, Great-Granddaughter of Harold Taylor
Waterloo, New York

Olivia, Graduation from Preschool

Four Generations: Great-Grandpa Harold Taylor, Mom Jessica Rooks
holding newborn Olivia ("Olive Oyl" to her Great-Grandpa!),
and Grandma Annie Catherman

Leah Walker

Daughter of Kristin Kinsella Walker, Granddaughter of Tim Kinsella, Great-Granddaughter of CB Taylor Kinsella
Clay, New York

Leah, Graduation from Preschool

The first time I met Leah

Elementary School 

Graduates going on to Junior High School!

Kelly Kinsella

Daughter of Jim Kinsella, Granddaughter of CB Taylor Kinsella
Rochester, New York

Kelly, Graduating from 5th Grade at
Pine Brook Elementary School in Greece, New York

Kelly getting ready for one of the epic dart gun wars
at Grandma and Grandpa's house
(big sister Maddy on the left with the monkey)

Patrick Kinsella

Son of Chris Kinsella, Grandson of CB Taylor Kinsella
Cicero, New York

Graduation from 6th Grade, St. Rose of Lima School
(Patrick is third from left in the front row)

Newborn Patrick, held by his cousin Alex Kinsella

8th Grade

New graduates going on to High School in the fall!

Maddy Kinsella

Daughter of Jim Kinsella, Granddaughter of CB Taylor Kinsella
Rochester, New York

Maddy, 8th Grade Graduation Celebration!

Ready for more animal crackers

Aedyn Langstaff

Son of Kayte Barron Langstaff, Grandson of Kathryn Wood Barron, Great-Grandson of Gladys Howland Wood
Brimfield, Ohio

Aedyn graduated from 8th Grade at the
Falcon Academy of Creative Arts

Aedyn as a cute baby

High School

Sara Lochner

Daughter of Rick Lochner, Granddaughter of Esther Taylor Lochner
Rochester, New York

Sara, High School Graduation, with Dad and Mom, Rick and Laurie Lochner

Could she get any cuter? (Why, yes she did!)

Sara Osterhout

Daughter of Wendy Wood Osterhout, Granddaughter of Gladys Howland Wood
New Milford, Pennsylvania

Sara, Graduation from High School

Adorable baby picture taken by Sara's Mom


Alex Kinsella

Son of Susan Kinsella, Grandson of CB Taylor Kinsella
Novato, California

Alex, Graduation from Stanford University, with Julia Sommer
(I'm in this picture, too - way up there somewhere
in the audience at the top of the stadium - can you see me?)

One of my favorite baby pictures of Alex


If I missed anyone, please let me know in the comments and I'll get in touch to get pictures and info to add them in!


Pat Herdeg said...

Love these pictures!! Thank you Sue for this amazing story, complete with pictures from babyhood on up.

Congratulations to all!

Pat Kinsella Herdeg

CB/ Grandma said...

So delighted to see ALL of these! And the baby pictures just frost the Cake! Each of Glady's grandkids carries a face that I love! See her in each! Thanks for this post!!

Julie Riber said...

This is so sweet! All our little kiddos...growing up way too fast. So proud of them all, however, for their achievements.

Kathryn said...

Great story!
I love all the pictures - the now ones and the baby ones are so cool!
This must have been such a delight to do.
Thanks for all your work on here!

Tim Kinsella said...

Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

i love the pics. congrates to the graduates!
i was a crying mess at olivia's graduation-they showed a video
that really got me. thxs for the great stories girls
it makes us feel like we are right there with them
on their big days.
love annie taylor catherman

Pat Herdeg said...

Love all of these! Thanks for adding in Will.