Thursday, March 19, 2015

Carson Descendants of Jane Livingston and William Carson of West Bethany, NY, By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Family Reunion, 1930

Harold Spencer Jr., grandson of Anna Carson Spencer, sent us this wonderful Carson family reunion picture.
Anna, younger sister to our Emma Carson Taylor, married Samuel Spencer. They had three children: Helen Spencer Weber, Harold Spencer, and Harriet Spencer Washburn.

Here are the people in the picture that between Harold Spencer Jr. and CB Taylor Kinsella, we know:
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Carson Family Reunion:
We believe it is 1930, as Ethel Baker Taylor is holding a baby which must be Harold (born May 1930), all other siblings are there.
People we can identify:

  • ·         Standing on the far left is Harold Spencer (father to our correspondent, Harold Spencer Jr.)
  • ·         Standing third from left is Moore Washburn (husband of Harriet Spencer Washburn)
  • ·         Peeking over Moore’s left shoulder is Harriet Washburn
  • ·         Standing fourth from left is Anna Carson Spencer (grandmother of Harold Spencer Jr.)
  • ·         Standing next to Anna Spencer is Clara Taylor Burt (sister of Lloyd)
  • ·         Behind Clara Taylor Burt is her brother, Leon Taylor (brother of Lloyd)
  • ·         Standing next to Clara Burt is Florence Taylor Doran (sister of Lloyd) holding one year old Tom Doran
  • ·         Next to Florence is Emily Carr Taylor (second wife of B.W.). The man behind Emily is B.W. Taylor
  • ·         Sitting far right in dark suit is Jim Weber, husband of Helen Spencer Weber
  • ·         Sitting third from right is Helen Spencer Weber
  • ·         Sitting center in light suit is Sam Spencer
  • ·         Sitting third from left is Lloyd Taylor (just in front of first standing row)
  • ·         Woman sitting next to Lloyd is his wife, Ethel Baker Taylor, holding baby Harold
  • ·         Girl  sitting next to Ethel is Esther Taylor
  • ·         Next to Esther Taylor is Doris Taylor (right behind Sam Spencer)
  • ·         Little girl two in front of Lloyd Taylor is Lucille Taylor-next to her is most likely Arnon Taylor—there is only a shock of hair showing
    •   Girl between Ethel and Lloyd, and holding Lucille, is their  daughter Ruth Taylor
  • ·         Dick Doran must be there if his mother and younger brother is—most likely the boy next to Ruth (and right below his brother in his mother’s arms).

Anyone YOU know? Please leave a comment and let us know! Thanks.


Pat said...

So terrific to see both Anna Carson Spencer's family AND Emmma Carson Taylor's family! Thank you Harold Spencer, Jr. for providing us with this picture.

Now Let's see if someone can identify the other people (which is why the title is so specific--hoping to get googlers).

Susan Kinsella said...

OMG, what a treasure of a photograph! It's so amazing and exciting to me to see all these family members just being "family" together, and at ages when I rarely see photos of them.

I often think, when reading letters or seeing photos from so long ago, that the people in them would never have imagined that someone 85 years later, or sometimes 150 or more, would ever see them, let alone find them fascinating.

I'm so intrigued by how "real" everyone appears in the photograph - Aunt Clara, Florence Doran, the Lloyd-Ethel Taylor family - so similar to the family reunion photos we take at Taylor and Baker gatherings, including squirming kids and family members who don't really want their picture taken.

My deep thanks, as well, to Harold Spencer for such a touching, priceless photograph - AND that he could give us so many of the identifications in it that we otherwise would not have known. Wonderful!