Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Favorite Pets--My Dog—By Evelyn Taylor

Readers of our Cousins Blog know Evelyn Taylor--just look three stories below for my sister Sue's write up of her recent visit to Evelyn's home.
 Bryant and Evie Taylor

Cats were our family pets until my Aunt Frances’s dog had a large litter of puppies, and we were asked to raise three of them to help out. What fun it was to see the three Boston Bull Terrier puppies tumbling over each other or sleeping all curled up into little fur-balls. Christmas came and the puppies went to their new homes, much to my dismay, for I had fallen in love with one in particular.

On my birthday, January 18th, I came downstairs to get dressed in the kitchen next to the coal stove where it was warm. As I pulled aside the door drapes, a black and white streak, wearing a big red bow, hurled herself at me. “Patsy” was mine!

She and I bunked together for the next nine years. She was my “hot water bottle” dog. As soon as I started upstairs for bed, she dashed up ahead of me to curl up on the foot of the bed. But every winter morning I found her on the flannel sheet, under the covers, at my feet. This was so great as the bedrooms were not heated, and the beds were cold. It does surprise me that my mom allowed this. I am not sure I would have been so tolerant.

Because Patsy had short hair, she needed outdoor protection in the winter, so Mom knitted her a Kelly green , wool, turtleneck sweater. She was “queen” of the block!


Pat said...


LOVE this story. And, so wish I could have seen Patsy with her wonderful wool sweater!


CB said...

EVE, I remember the icey conditions of an unheated bedroom and you are right, the best hot water bottle was a living animal! and a dog is a forever friend!