Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Snows in Cousin Country! By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

My husband and I spent the day at Old Sturbridge Village where they held an antique sleigh rally. We saw draft horses, miniature horses, gypsy horses and all sorts of sleighs—Albany Cutters, Portland Cutters, and regular bob sleighs. We saw all sorts of dogs in the sleighs (one of the categories was ‘Sleigh Dogs’, so we voted on the best dog), including a ‘lurcher’ (never heard of it, but one of the only ‘lurchers’ in the US??!). Very fun time, as the horses and dogs and people were all dressed up in olden time costumes and furs. Of course, the two feet of snow helped!

And, as most of you know, we've had snow over a LOT of cousin country these past two weeks. A few pictures are here:

Jack and CB Kinsella's house

These are pictures taken by Uncle Jack of the Kinsella's home in Greece, NY. They got about 13 inches of snow.

Also in Greece, Rick and Laurie Lochner's house:

Rick and Laurie Lochner's House

Laurie must have had yardstick in her lawn--she told me it was 13.1 inches!

Another cousin from Kate Youngs Baker's side, Norma Bruscani, sent a picture from Farmington, NY where they got eight or nine inches of snow:

Norma Bruscani's Home

In Geneva, NY, Mike and Lorraine Maney sent this picture:

The Maney's

And, out in Minnesota, Cousin Diana McCarty sent these pictures:

Diana McCarty's Home

Here in Acton, MA, I took this picture just after our storm dropped 22 inches on us in less than 24 hours:

The Herdeg's House

And, my brother, Tom, in New Jersey HOPED for snow. Here is his picture taken the same day as mine (when we got almost two feet of snow). Notice the cross country skiis by the front door--so hoping to be used!! Tom writes: "I bought those skis, with new boots, last year and have yet to use them. We had less than 2 inches of snow all last winter. For the current season, I imagine our total is around 9 inches, but all in small 1 to 3 inch increments."

Tom Kinsella's Home

Unused Skiis

Thanks to all who sent pictures--great to see them!! And, as the Ides of February are just past us and spring is yet to come, I will end as my brother Tom did in his email to me:

"Much Love; Stay Warm."


Dad, Jack said...

Pat, what a wonderful idea, pictures of snowfall at various cousin's houses!
What a joy looking at them.

Mom/CB said...

And what a great lead in! I always enjoyed visiting that place!
So good to see houses of family!!

Susan Kinsella said...

I thought it was wonderful to be able to see so many cousins' houses! Pat, I saw your "before the storm" picture of your house on Facebook and thought what an interesting juxtaposition it would make with this one of all the snow just a few hours later. How quickly the weather changes!

I know all you winter-time cousins will think this is crazy, but I'm wrapped up here north of San Francisco in a thermal shirt, fleece pullover and a coat because it's gotten down to - I don't know, maybe low 50s - and I'm shivering! I would not have done well in your snowstorm.

Pat said...

Sue, it has been a VERY cold winter here. Lots of people getting sick and staying sick. While I love the snow and the cold and the wind, I also love the warmer sunny days of spring. Almost here, I hope!

Evelyn Taylor said...

I have no pictures of Le Roy's snow, but the article on sleigh riding in a horse-drawn cutter brought back wonderful memories. Floyd and Goldie Taylor, during the war, bought a cutter for Goldie's horse, Midget, to pull. What a thrill to this city girl to swish along the snow-covered country road, to the merry jingle of sleigh bells!

The air was crisp and stung my face, but I was snug under an antique bear rug.

The horse was one that Goldie had had when she was a teenager in Johnsonsburg. At this time it was about 35 years old, and somehow they had found her and they were reunited.

Julie Riber said...

I'm so jealous. We have no snow to speak of and the ski resorts, which Colorado is so well-known for, are REALLY hurting this year. Supposed to have some snow in the next 24 hours or so. We'll see...

Diana said...

While it looks like a big storm at the McCarty house in MN. it just happened to be big fat flakes - in the end hardly a couple inches - but it sure looked like it was coming down when I took the pictures.

NOTE to SUE - stay warm! LOL