Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome to the World, Zachary Charles Spear, By Grandma MaryLou

On December 22nd, MaryLou Taylor Spear writes:

My son Daniel Taylor Spear and Kristi Moilanen are the proud parents of a baby boy--Zachary Charles Spear--born 8:02 p.m. December 22. Weighing 8# 10oz and 20 inches, has black hair and black eyes.

I am grateful all are well and doing fine, it is the greatest Christmas gift ever!

Bless us everyone. Much love to all,

Grandma Marylou

Kristi and Zachary

Daniel and Zachary Spear

Congratulations to Daniel and Kristi and little Zachary, and to Grandma Mary Lou!! With Great Grandpa Uncle Harold recovering from pneumonia in a nursing home--hoping to get home soon--may this quicken his recovery!


Sue Kinsella said...

Congratulations, MaryLou! What a cutie he is! And the great adventure begins again. Wishing you zillions of wonderful Grandma times with him!

Love you, Sue

Kathryn said...

Cute little guy! I cannot believe how much hair he has!! Congratulations to all. Grandchildren are the best!!
I hope Harold is doing ok.
Lots of love to all.