Friday, August 3, 2012

August Birthdays 2012

Floyd Taylor, 1915

In the older ancestors group, twins William Lloyd Taylor and Daniel Floyd Taylor, Leonard Baker (grandfather of Ethel, Adin, Lil and Ruth), and Florence Baker Young (Aunt Florence) all enjoyed birthdays.

Bud and Doris Hawkes, 1972
In Aunt Doris’ family, her husband Charles William Francis Hawkes ( Uncle Bud), Heather Walker Towlson ( Cindy’s daughter), Justin Aaron Walker ( Cindy’s son), and Nathaniel Walker  (son of Justin Walker, grandson of Cindy Gabrys) all have August birthdays.
In Aunt Phyllis’ family, Rebecca Dingman Henderson ( Ronnie Henderson’s wife), and Landon Patrick Henderson (son of David, son of Wendell) both blow out candles.

On the Taylor side, Thomas Taylor Doran (son of Florence Taylor Doran, sister of Floyd and Lloyd Taylor) is the Birthday Boy.

In Aunt Sylva’s family, Sylva Christine Emhof Jenkins ( Sylva’s daughter),Jeffrey Emhof ( Freddy D’s son), and Kathleen Marie Arnold ( Linda Emhof’s daughter) are August Birthday Kids.

In Aunt Gladys’ family, Laurel Amy Wood Decker ( Gladys’ daughter) and Laurel’s husband Paul J. Decker, Alicia Lynn Osterhout (Wendy’s daughter, granddaughter of Gladys), and Nicholas Smerchansky ( son of Beth Barron) enjoy Birthdays.

In Aunt Esther’s family, Andrew Taylor Lochner ( Ted’s son) is the Birthday Boy.

In Aunt Ruth’s family, Matthew Stephen Maney ( Dan’s son) and Timothy John Maney ( Michael’s son) both blow out candles.

In Uncle Harold’s family, Ann Marie Taylor Catherman , Zachary James Alberts ( Judy’s son), Dennis Catherman (Ann Taylor’s husband), and Gordy Mills (husband of Kathy Taylor) have August Birthdays.

In Aunt CB’s family, Timothy M. Walker ( Kristin Kinsella’s husband) is the Birthday Kid.

Congratulations to all!

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