Sunday, July 8, 2012

On the 46-er Trek—Another Adirondack Peak Hike By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Tim, Glenn, Jim, Rick, Tom

In an earlier story on the blog, we told you about my brother Tim’s winter hike of Mt. Dix in the Adirondacks (

Tim is on a quest to climb all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks—He writes: “In the 1920's these 46 peaks were thought to be all over 4000' and thus the 46er designation was started. It was later determined that 4 of them are under 4000' feet and a few other different mountains were over 4000' feet but the original list was kept. To date there have been a little over 7300 people who have climbed all 46 and are thus are true 46ers. One interesting note is a person who climbed all the high peaks in Colorado (over 14000') came east to do the 46ers and found them much harder as they were much more remote and thus required much longer hikes to make it to the peak.”

Saturday June 23rd, Tim took another group of hikers with him up Big Slide Mountain, his 19th peak. Accompanying Tim were his brothers Tom and Jim, my husband Glenn, and my cousin Rick Lochner.

 Daring Jimmy

 Crazy Hikers--Jim and Rick

Tom on a log ladder

 What a view!

We stayed at an old inn in Keene Valley, NY and very early (5AM) the boys were up and on their way to the start of the hike ( I said goodbye and turned over in bed). Although they heard lightning and thunder, it did not rain on them until the last few minutes of the hike—they were lucky, in town, it rained very hard for almost 45 minutes.

We’ll keep you up to date on Tim’s progress, but here are some pictures to go with this accomplishment.

Rick, Tom, Glenn and Jim

Sustenance the night before--Jim, Rick, Tom, Tim


mom/CB said...

Knowing this group of "gentlemen" I am positive that hard as they climbed, they made a fun time out of it! They all get along like the usual "house a fire" and inthe process of maligning one another. manage to have a ball!!

Susan Kinsella said...

I'm mighty impressed with the accomplishment! One of the things I most love is what good friends these guys all are to each other.